Jeff Sagarin’s computer is still coked up.

Honestly, I’m amazed by this.

Screenshot_2020-12-14 College Football Ratings Page

Georgia is the only team in his top ten with a strength of schedule ranking in the single digits, which I presume is driving some of that.

For what it’s worth, ESPN’s FPI has the exact same top four.  Maybe Kirby needs to start working the selection committee.


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23 responses to “Jeff Sagarin’s computer is still coked up.

  1. If the selection committee is supposed to pick the best four teams, there seems to be consensus, right?


  2. It’ll drop once Vandy is mixed in.


  3. gotthepicture

    So I was listening to sport media people who were basically poo-pooing Southern Cal’s chances of the playoffs. While I’m not championing them & I do believe there is a talent difference, I was wondering what the difference is in USC’s 5-0 record and Ohio St’s 5-0 record. Ohio St has played a bunch of losers and Indiana which I think is probably on par with Ole Miss or maybe a bit better (I could be wrong). So I guess Ohio St gets the pass because of assumed talent and preseason assumptions. Honestly, before the LSU debacle, I would have put Florida’s resume above Ohio St’s.

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  4. practicaldawg

    I’m pretty confident we would be undefeated with OSU’s schedule

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  5. Biggen

    Dan is arguing for less games. Hell, want more at the point. Who wants to play us right now??


  6. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    This UGA team would beat all those teams not named bama. We would be competitive and could beat bama with an error free game. We were competitive but not at full strength and not error free the first time we played them + we were using a QB from Athens Academy. Imagine what we could do with the upgrade at the QB spot with the Cali kid?
    story of uga…

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  7. ricdawg

    2-3 Wisconsin ranked #7, ahead of Florida and Texas A&M. LOL


  8. Sagarin’s computer is a Disney Dawg!!1!


  9. Castleberry

    National folks locked on to our shaky starts with Arky and Tennessee and the runaway losses to Bama and Florida – and let that define the narrative. Backing up and looking at the final scores of all the games tells a different story. Sorry if those ~20 point wins weren’t pretty the whole way. Even with the shaky starts we’ve dominated some good teams.

    Don’t know if Sagarin takes home/road into account, but we’ve got to be the only team that’s played three home games out of nine total.


  10. originaluglydawg

    Man..if the Dawgs got in the playoffs, can you imagine the rage on the Handbag message boards? It would be the most wonderful explosion of small heads ever! And all because of a thrown shoe!!

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  11. originaluglydawg

    If Bama beats the living shit out of the Handbags…like 75 to 17…the Dawgs may get a look from the committee.
    Make it happen, Saint Nick!

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  12. coachemup78

    Kirby should absolutely be ready to lobby the committee if TA&M and Clemson lose. Prepare the speech now.

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