SEC Power Poll, Week 12


Saturday saved its best for last, that’s for sure.

  1. Alabama.  Now we know why Saban is in favor of conference schedule expansion.
  2. Texas A&M.  Best bye week bounce of the season.
  3. Florida.  If the shoe fits, throw it.
  4. Georgia.  Kirby Smart is now third in seniority among all SEC coaches at their current schools.
  5. Auburn.  When one door closes, Jimmy Sexton opens another one.
  6. LSU.  At least Bo Pelini’s never had a player throw a shoe at an inopportune moment.
  7. Ole Miss.  Guess who gets to play LSU this week?
  8. Missouri.  Shorthanded and under-talented is no way to go through an SEC schedule, son.
  9. Kentucky.  The Wildcats are already into their fire coaches mode.
  10. Arkansas.  The wheels finally came off the wagon for the Hogs.
  11. Tennessee.  Pruitt dodges a bullet… probably.
  12. Mississippi State.  Pretty much nowhere to go but up for the Bulldogs.
  13. South Carolina.  An underwhelming program makes an underwhelming hire for its next head coach.  Sounds about right.
  14. Vanderbilt.  Honestly, I was impressed with the fight they showed against the Vols.


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15 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 12

  1. gotthepicture

    If the Gamecocks would’ve waited they could’ve had Gus. Buyer’s remorse?


  2. RangerRuss

    The Dawgs are as strong as any team in the country today. Minimum #2.

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    • “Minimum”? Calm thyself, hoss.

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    • RR, I’m as bullish on our team’s prospects in 2021 as anyone. I also think we would beat A&M right now, but those 2 losses still play a big role in having the Dawgs at 4 with me right now.


    • CB

      Our resume with two losses featuring Bennett at qb have us at 4. I am fully confident that Georgia beats Florida and A&M by double digits and would push Bama into the 4th right now. Maybe even have a chance to win at the end.

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    • Greg

      Concur….JT, Davis, and Pickens make the Dawgs a totally different team. Would have definitely beat UF with them. And I am just counting the ones that are back in the lineup now. LeCounte, a gimpy Rice and a few others come to mind for UF.

      May not have beat Bama, but at least we would have a second chance if we were healthy for UF…..we were just one beat up team.

      But what the hell…..if a frog had wings.

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  3. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    i guess we are not leapfrogging the turds because they beat us?


    • Yeah. Bottom line, I don’t think UF takes UGA for granted the way it did LSU.


      • HirsuteDawg

        Cant really argue with that but, I will say that Georgia’s two losses are to better / stronger teams than the Gator’s are.

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      • CB

        You don’t actually think Florida is better than us do you? I understand the ranking, but from where I sit they can’t run the ball and play questionable defense.

        The passing attack is elite, but we’ve seen Trask look average in spots this year.

        JTD changes the whole narrative for our offense and team for that matter. We’ve gone from arguably the worst qb play in program history to a guy with Eason like ability.


      • PTC DAWG

        At least you finally got aTm right…


  4. Scotty King

    Stoops should have taken another job last year when he was hot.


  5. Got Cowdog

    Tis one may be the funniest yet…

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  6. originaluglydawg

    Vandy-Hillbilly game was much closer than the score indicates. Vandy gifted Tennessee 14 points just before the half.