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TFW you have lower standards than Georgia Tech


Georgia Tech has determined that its season has come to a conclusion.

While a news release on Friday announcing the cancellation of the team’s game against Miami this Saturday left open the possibility of considering a bowl invitation, the determination has been made that playing in a bowl game would not be in the best interest of health and safety, team spokesman Mike Flynn confirmed Monday to the AJC.

Players have been released and will not gather again until the start of the semester in January. The Miami game was also canceled for reasons of health and safety.

Coach Geoff Collins’ second season ends with a 3-7 overall record and 3-6 in the ACC.




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Updating the GTP Gift Guide

It’s that time of year, and I’ve gotten an email or two about posting something to give everyone a chance to add to the list here.  So let’s do it!

I’ll kick this year’s post off with three suggestions:

  1. A reader recommendation (thanks, Randy) are these custom made cornhole boards, sure to be a hit at your next tailgate.  They don’t have NCAA logos available, but they can be custom designed, so go wild.
  2. Your mancave, office or dorm is “between the hedges” with our replica Sanford Stadium.”  Say no more. (h/t)
  3. Some of you already have it, but Seth Emerson’s Attack the Day would make an obviously splendid holiday gift for that certain Dawg in your life.

All righty then.  Throw out your suggestions in the comments.  I’ll amend the Gift Guide accordingly.


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Do it yourself season

Make it to a bowl game, only to see it cancelled because of COVID?  No worries, says the NCAA.  Just come up with your own game:

Needless to say, 2020 is going to stay one strange season.


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It’s early signing day week!

On a scale of one to ten, how much negative recruiting do you think LSU is facing?


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Today, in small sample size


Yeah, I know… but it’s up to a third of the season now.


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One last chance to make things right

And so it’s come to this:

For the second time in 10 days, Georgia’s scheduled game against Vanderbilt has been called off because the Commodores couldn’t meet the SEC’s minimum roster and position requirements, the SEC announced Monday.

The No. 9 Bulldogs were scheduled to play the winless Commodores at home in their final regular-season game at Sanford Stadium on Saturday. The SEC said the game would be declared a no-contest.

Georgia is aggressively trying to find a replacement for Vanderbilt to play a game on Saturday. The Bulldogs have had discussions with Colorado State about potentially playing a game, sources told ESPN.

“We’re doing our due diligence,” Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity told ESPN.

Sounds like a man possessed with a real sense of urgency there.

And make no mistake about it, if Georgia is to get some kind of game in the works for Saturday, urgency is what it’s all about right now.  There is no SEC team currently available, unless the conference is going to break an existing game, like TAMU at Tennessee.  Needless to say, that ain’t happening.

That, in turn, means McGarity has to lobby Sankey to allow an exception to the non-conference prohibition put into effect at the start of the season and find an opponent willing to play a hot Georgia team in Athens so that senior day plans can be put into effect.  Plus, he probably has to get all that done by today so that the team has some opportunity to game plan with sufficient time.

That doesn’t sound promising.  There are two likely options.  The first is that one of the two remaining conference games involving teams that haven’t played Georgia yet is cancelled due to its own COVID problems.

The other is that a… well, let’s face it, hapless mid-major volunteers to take a check.

Like I said, the second is a much harder option, because McGarity still has to sell the conference on it.  Is giving the seniors a chance to go out on a high note enough of a convincing sales point for the SEC?  And is McGarity a good enough salesperson to make the case?  Let’s hope he can be if needed.


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