TFW you have lower standards than Georgia Tech


Georgia Tech has determined that its season has come to a conclusion.

While a news release on Friday announcing the cancellation of the team’s game against Miami this Saturday left open the possibility of considering a bowl invitation, the determination has been made that playing in a bowl game would not be in the best interest of health and safety, team spokesman Mike Flynn confirmed Monday to the AJC.

Players have been released and will not gather again until the start of the semester in January. The Miami game was also canceled for reasons of health and safety.

Coach Geoff Collins’ second season ends with a 3-7 overall record and 3-6 in the ACC.



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33 responses to “TFW you have lower standards than Georgia Tech

  1. Georgia Tech saying “We will not accept a bowl invitation” is like me saying “I will not under any circumstances go on a date with Sofia Vergara.”

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  2. Butch 2.0 is running from potential Ls like a sinner from church.


  3. billionm16

    Jesus, is that Bobo in that picture? He looks like an old man.

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  4. Sweet D

    I’m going to tell my kids that’s Jimbo Fisher.


  5. Anon

    Honest question. Why is it low standards to say you will go to a bowl if invited? Seems opposite to me. Just one more team willing to play an opponent and get more practice and maybe give some kids a decent trip they otherwise wouldn’t get? Also adds one more team to pool of potential teams. Maybe them volunteering to play keeps another team from being disappointed?


  6. theorginaldawgabides

    I think I read that Pitt was shutting things down and not accepting a bowl invitation after finishing 6-5.


  7. godawgs1701

    I am really disappointed that things haven’t worked out for us to get a game with Tech this year. It would be so perfect to just have them come over this Saturday if they didn’t have covid problems – – and if they weren’t afraid to take yet another whipping, which is also why they won’t entertain the opportunity to play in a bowl game.

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  8. RangerRuss

    To paraphrase Charlotte Keyes, suppose they gave a bowl game and nobody came?


  9. I honestly think there’s a bit of a cultural element here. Any SEC team that receives an invitation and doesn’t try to play is gonna be mocked mercilessly by the rest of the conference. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there has been some back door chatter from Sankey’s office that “if you get invited, you’re expected to play”.

    There’s a reason why they say it means more.


    • Tony BarnFart

      I don’t know what the bylaws say about expulsion, but I’d love to vote Vandy out. I’m sure it’s the highest of high thresholds, like the unanimous vote of the other 13, but there has GOT to be a way to do it.

      /And nobody gives a shit or is overly impressed with their academics. It’s an Ivy league school only in their own minds. I got into Vandy, chose Georgia.

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      • originaluglydawg

        A trade for Miami or FSU would be a good arrangement. Let Vandy go to the cupcake conference where they will compete pretty well and where being a basketball school is a little more appreciated. I doubt you could get Clemson out of the ACC. They’ve got a free ride to the playoffs most years.


        • Rameses II

          No F’ing way the ACC would be interested in that deal. Vandy’s not even good at basketball anymore. And baseball doesn’t pay the bills.


        • Ace Harris

          Thats why Bobby (bowow) Bowden turned down the SEC, he looked them in the eye and said, “Do you think i’m crazy” aint no way i’m leaving the ACC


      • tiredofidsearch

        Wont happen. They are a founding member of the conference. They ain’t goin nowhere.


  10. PTC DAWG

    GT was going to be invited to a BOWL on Dec 26….sounds like a blast for the players, can’t do shit do to covid, just sit around without family Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Tampa…I don’t blame them.