Today, in small sample size


Yeah, I know… but it’s up to a third of the season now.


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  1. mg4life0331

    I don’t want to be a Debbie downer, but when we do it against some decent teams then I’ll show off my Bob Enzyte impression.


    • Would you prefer the offense looked the same with JT?

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    • Down Island Way

      UGA did it against decent competition…film will show open receivers/running lanes/successful route running…the connections weren’t being made, passes were incomplete/dropped, progressions not followed…fast forward my friend, UGA is having more success due to completed passes and running scheme (no more 8 in the box), execution is every thing, film shows who UGA was then and now, same playbook just better at “gettin’ ‘er dun”…don’t forget the confidence factor..there are some football teams who are glad they have scheduled games vs playing UGA this weekend…

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    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Just arguing MG, but also remember that Mathis and Bennett had plenty of open receivers against decent defenses and frequently couldn’t put the ball on target.

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  2. Biggen

    Some people will say “But look at the competition! Our schedule was full of bottom feeders!”

    Well perhaps. But how mad would we be had we not made that offensive improvement? Hell it should have been expected and met which is it was. Also, does anyone think we get those improvements sticking with Bennett or Mathis? I sure as hell don’t.

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    • akascuba

      I agree with your take on the competition totally valid.

      I would also add the number of wide open receivers running wild watching balls sail over their heads in Jacksonville. JT Daniels IMO would have eaten TOAD Grantham`s lunch. Making the numbers look much better if he would have been healthy enough to have played. Hell had Bennett stayed healthy I apologize going off topic a little.

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  3. In the B1G, that stretch of games would be 60% of the season for one of its championship game participants.

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  4. Alan

    CKS being able to keep everyone from either mentally or physically checking out after the Florida game – I think he more than earned his pay this season. And I’m more than happy to eat some crow over my concerns from the South Carolina game last year to the Florida game this year.

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    • ginnys2008

      This is very true and I think is being overlooked, not to mention the players’ dedication to following COVID protocols all season long despite many of their opponents not. To keep these kids focused and motivated in what’s been a historically insane season with so many unknowns is a true testament to their buy-in and confidence in the staff and culture.

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  5. dawgphan34

    It’s great. I am glad he is playing well. He was very highly rated and I am assuming he was just not physically ready to play to start the season.

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  6. Tony BarnFart

    I want to beat Cincinnati by 40.

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  7. bigjohnson1992

    We DID get whomped by the only legit teams we played. Hell, we beat 2 teams that fired their coaches during the season and 2 first year coaches. So, not great stuff. Could be 3 teams if the Vols dump Pruitt. And vandy woulda/coulda made 4 teams we beat that fired their coaches. We let some really sorry-ass teams hang around way too long. That’s why we deserve the current rankings we have. We’ve showed some promise the last few games and we have some momentum going into next year. Still glad we had football this fall, but it was a less than great season for the dawgs. Looking forward to next year.