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Not with a bang

Thus endeth Greg McGarity’s last administrative challenge.

Georgia’s regular season is over.

Two days after learning that Vanderbilt would not be coming to Sanford Stadium for what was supposed to be the final game of the 2020 season Saturday, the No. 8-ranked Bulldogs ceased efforts to find a non-conference fill-in, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned. An announcement from UGA is expected later today.

That means Georgia’s regular season ends at 7-2. Those holding tickets for Saturday’s game will be refunded, persons familiar with the process said.

Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity declined comment.

Give him credit — at least he’s consistent. All that’s left are the PR regrets in his exit interview with the press.



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Prime Time’d

Tell me you saw “Deion Sanders flipped a recruit from Kirby Smart” coming.


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Law of the land

No joke — this is an effing big deal.

The Supreme Court announced Wednesday it will hear an appeal from the NCAA and 11 of its top-level conferences in a case that challenges the association’s restrictions on the compensation athletes can receive for playing college sports.

The justices’ decision to take the case adds a momentous element of uncertainty to an enterprise that has been shaken by state and Congressional legislative efforts concerning not only athletes’ ability to make money from their name, image and likeness, but also the fairness of their overall treatment by the schools for which they help generate billions of dollars annually.

“I think it would be hard to overstate the potential significance of it for a number of reasons, primarily because it is so rare for the Supreme Court to hear any cases involving the sports industry, much less college sports,” Gabe Feldman, director of the Tulane Sports Law Program and Tulane University’s associate provost for NCAA compliance, said in an interview earlier this week. “And then, in this case, particularly to hear a challenge to the NCAA amateurism rules.”

I have no idea how this will go, but the consequences are significant, to say the least.  It’s certainly got “be careful what you wish for” potential for the NCAA, but maybe Emmert’s at the point where a judicial Hail Mary is seen as his best option.  Stay tuned.


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Today, in tortured analogies

Danny, you’re trying too hard.


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Your 12.16.20 Playpen

This is Herschel Walker’s son.

I honestly don’t know what to say.  You might, though.  Have at it in the comments.


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Shoe is funny.

If you’re a Gator fan, it’s gonna be a long offseason.

Hope those boosters have a sense of humor, Dan.



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It’s early signing day, peeps.

macondawg tees up a nice summary of today’s likely happenings, but with Kirby’s track record, it’s certainly not unreasonable to expect a surprise or two along the way.

I’ll try to update when I see fit, but feel free to post developments in the comments.


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Not sorry

Well, it’s time to beat the small sample size horse again.  Check out this chart Graham posted.

And this explanation:

If you don’t speak math, what this shows us is that JT has more than doubled Stetson’s season output of predicted points added. He has done that while playing half the games that Bennett did.

Like it or not, it’s apparent after three games.  The offense is significantly better because there’s been a clear upgrade at quarterback.  But let’s not stop at numbers.  Check out these two throws Daniels made in the Missouri game:

Jake Fromm, for his strengths, never made those kind of throws.  In his defense, the offense was never structured to design for plays like those.  Which is my way of saying there’s also been a clear upgrade at offensive coordinator this season.

If Kirby is able to bring the band back on offense next season, watch out.


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While I’m on the subject of Tim Brando…



I get the impression Tim hasn’t been watching as much football as he claims he has.

Not recently, anyway.


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The fix is in. The fix has **always** been in.

Tim Brando’s righteous indignation is so cute.

U mad, bro?

I actually prefer Pat Forde’s cynicism.

In the latest flagrant case of brand-name bias, Florida was dropped exactly one spot in the Top 25 after what was easily the worst loss all season for anyone ranked in the CFP top nine. The Gators were 23 1/2-point favorites at home against an LSU team that came into The Swamp 3–5, with key players opting out and injured, with a freshman quarterback making his first college start.

Those Tigers bore no resemblance to the 2019 national champions, and yet the committee seems to have considered that massive Florida flop to be a quality loss—quite likely because the name “LSU” and the purple-and-gold laundry carries specious cache. The Gators were injected with helium when they should have had stones tied to their tails.

This is probably the point where I need to mention that Florida’s athletic director is on the selection committee. I’m sure the well-respected Scott Stricklin followed protocol and recused himself from discussing his team, but apparently his colleagues were terrified of hurting his feelings when he came back into the room.

But they took their hats off!

I really don’t understand why all these pundits waste so much time and bandwidth punching holes in the selection committee’s work.  The jokers running the college football playoff telegraphed their intent for all to see when they chose to abandon the BCS, which, for its flaws, at least made use of computers for some of its assessment.

The CFP is a monetary delivery system for the P5, nothing more, nothing less.  Further expansion won’t change that.  Just deal with it.


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