“I think what coach Collins is doing is going to be epic.”

There is so much to unpack from this article about Georgia Tech’s 2021 class, starting with the fact that the Jackets have a “football general manager”.  No, really.

Collins and Suddes take a more precise approach to the transfer market, honing in on positions where the team needs to add experience or depth, as opposed to having a broader shopping list for high-school signees. (Aside from offensive and defensive linemen, which always are in demand.) Suddes compared it with the NFL.

“You’ve got to build through the draft, but you’ve also got to add some key free-agent pieces,” Suddes said. “We can definitely use that to our advantage here in Atlanta.”

I can’t wait to hear this dude discuss the salary cap and potential trade options.

Seriously, given the overwhelming talent deficit Coach ATL faced walking in the door, I don’t blame Tech one bit for chasing transfers to fill in the holes.  It would have been negligent not to do so.  And, to their credit, it looks like they’ve brought in some players who can contribute.

That’s a good thing, because Waffle House dude has slipped on the recruiting trail with this next class.

As for the high-school signees, the class ranked 46th in the FBS and 11th in the ACC as of Wednesday evening, according to 247Sports Composite. It’s a considerable drop from Collins’ 2020 class, which was 27th, Tech’s highest ranking since the celebrated 2007 class. (The ranking does not incorporate transfers and won’t be final until after the February signees are added.) The class has one four-star prospect (BlackStrain) compared with four in the 2020 class, although Harris and Watson were four-star prospects coming out of high school.

“We all know as a class, we’re more of an underrated bunch,” BlackStrain said. “We’re all just ready to get in and work for everything.”

Yeah, underrated.  That’s how you sell the ACC’s eleventh-rated group.  Not good in a conference where Clemson’s gonna Clemson, North Carolina and Miami have considerably upped their respective recruiting games and even the likes of Pittsburgh and Virginia are showing some recruiting momentum.

Collins is gonna need a bigger coffee cup.


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12 responses to ““I think what coach Collins is doing is going to be epic.”

  1. Ran A

    Perfect assessment. They did quite well in the portal – two very good four stars. But they took a major league step back on the recruiting side and you would have thought it would have moved forward, especially with kids staying closer to home (Covid) and Tech being down the road.

    In short, it looks like early performance on the field is hurting. If Tech doesn’t show marked improvement next year, and the recruiting doesn’t improve, I don’t think ole Jeff will finish his 7 year deal.

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    • theorginaldawgabides

      I disagree on the very good four star part. Both those guys failed to play up to their rating and were buried on the depth chart at their respective schools. Most of the four star transfers tech has brought in so far have fit this description.

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  2. Down Island Way

    Was gonna’ attempt a reply, shit man, this guys is in waste deep and trying to find I-85 out of the 404…

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  3. lvilledawg

    I Geoffy Poohs defense, the Genius left him with a steaming pile. I think Geoffy added a few colorful sprinkles on top but shit is still shit.


  4. David D

    Check out the comment from GT_Jason in this thread:


    Personally, I think it is under rec’d.


  5. practicaldawg

    About the only thing going for Yech is that Collins managed to avoid going 0-2 against UGA in his first 2 years.

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  6. Not that I want the Ramblin Wretch to succeed, but being situated in downtown Atlanta and you only lock in 1 four star player…that’s bad by any standard, even at Tech “where you can do that.” May the north ave trade school have many more fruitless recruiting class like this, it should make our Thanksgiving holidays bright for years to come here in Dawgnation.

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  7. 69Dawg

    He needs to work the JC circuit and the portal if he really thinks his NFL plan is going to work. I like having Tech just high enough to help our SOS but not within a cannon shot of beating us.

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