“Florida and Alabama… each used the Wheel to devastating effect against Georgia…”

Trust me, you don’t want to read this Andy Staples post ($$).


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  1. MGW

    I’m curious about the exact rule about receivers setting picks on DB’s. Seems to be very loosely enforced, if it’s a rule at all. On the video in that post where Florida runs the wheel on us, it’s pretty clear the inside receiver running the “slant” is trying to sneakily get in the way of our guy who’s trying to get out to cover the wheel without getting called.


  2. Ozam

    The question everyone should ask is if the pick play is effectively unstoppable why don’t we run the same?

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    • theotherdoug

      I think you can run pick plays here and there, but if you make it your bread and butter week in and week out a coach will compile a film for the refs to watch right before the game.

      I’m sure Monken has them in there and uses them sparingly. Coley? Did we ever have multiple WRs working together to get one open?


  3. gastr1

    And a bonus feature of a young Demetris Robertson ripping through one of those staunch Pac-12 defenses!


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    We’ve got 5-star and 4-star talent stacked like cordwood on D. This is entirely a coaching problem.

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    • Doggoned

      I have a couple of thoughts/questions that make me tend to agree, even though our coaching staff, especially KS, has impeccable defensive credentials. Why is UGA especially vulnerable to the wheel route and quick slants in general? Some defect in our overall scheme? And why are our best athletes on defense seemingly so helpless in these situations, even when they know it’s coming?

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      • TEXBaller

        Coaching to a degree….personnel largely. The correct personnel in the correct place at the correct time. 32/17 gonna get smoked EVERY time on a wheel. Need longer/faster to break the wheel.

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  5. I mean… James Cook is still running.


  6. Scotty King

    Many teams also use the ref as a “pick”. Add an “r” if ya like.

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  7. It’s tough out of the slot or backfield if you can’t stall them at the line so that the timing of that pick gets disrupted.

    Some smart DC will figure something out. It wasn’t that long ago that defenses (looking at you Willie Two Thumbs) were helpless against the zone read with a QB who could keep it, but they figured it out.

    They’ll do the same here.


  8. Texas Dawg

    The wheel route has been UGAs Achilles heel as long as I have been watching football. There must be something in the water in Athens that renders the defense unable to cover it and our offense unable to run it

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  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    Willie Martinez defenses looked like filet mignon to wheel routes.

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  10. The wheel route basically can’t be defended when it’s used the way most offenses use it – as an outlet. It often takes advantage of good coverage on the down field routes but the offense needs a QB(and OL protection) that is good at working progressions. Imo, this is what separates the good or great QBs.

    There have been times when I thought JT was horrible at it(parts of Mizzou game) but then he decimated them with it and it completely opened up the offense. I don’t know if it was coaching or on his own but he really got into a phase of going deep every drop back. This is one of the areas where I believe he can and is still improving at. Scary!

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