Herbie to the rescue

It’s just what college football needs, another opportunity for Kirk Herbstreit to lobby for the playoffs.

ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit believes the current playoff system needs a serious upgrade.

“Our postseason is as bad as there is,” Herbstreit said Wednesday on the Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin Show via College Football Live. “And we have got to figure out a system that opens up opportunities. The season ends Jan. 12, I can already tell you 2021 Ohio State’s coming out of the Big Ten, Clemson’s coming out of the ACC, Alabama’s coming out of the SEC. I can say in 2023, Ohio State is coming out of the Big Ten, Clemson’s coming out of the ACC and Alabama (in the SEC). … If that’s where we are is that right, is that healthy for the sport when 98 or 99 percent of the participants realize they don’t have a chance before the season starts? We’ve got to look at this 2020 year and realize that we have to tweak the system for the betterment of the sport. We’re at a fork in the road right now on a lot of levels and we’ve got to look at some potential changes.”

As long as those tweaks serve Mickey and Ohio State, I’m sure Herbie will be onboard.  All for the greater good, you know…


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22 responses to “Herbie to the rescue

  1. Granthams Replacement

    Expansion would give ESPN 4 more games with SEC championship level ratings. Meanwhile the same 4 teams will end up in the semifinals.

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  2. 81Dog

    2020 is a kidney stone, hopefully not to be repeated, but Herbie’s takeaway is NOW we should focus on redoing the playoffs, so ESPN can have more prime programming to sell. Their numbers overall suck, so never let a crisis go to waste, right?

    Anyone who wants to rush through longterm structural changes based on THIS YEAR ISN’T FAIR is either an idiot or intellectually dishonest. Maybe both. Hard cases make bad law.

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  3. TN Dawg

    Speaking of Mickey, this sounds interesting.

    Wonder what this means for $300 million a year, if true.



  4. Teacher Martin

    Yeah he really was fair to UGA a few years ago when he said you shouldn’t be in it if you don’t win your conference championship and turned around the next year and lobbied for Bama.

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  5. TN Dawg

    Would you be looking forward to an 8 team playoff right now were it already in place for this season?

    I would.

    With the quarterback situation addressed, I think we’d have a decent shot, too.



    I’d take Herby on that 2023 bet…no way it’s the same 3.


    • originaluglydawg

      You’re questioning a divine Seer?
      (everything Herbie says has a purpose to it. It is never just a pure thought expressed just for the thought. Here, he is grinding his axe for Ohio State, as mostly usual).


  7. and after 4 years of 8 team playoffs, it wouldn’t be fair that the sec gets so many teams, and wouldn’t be fair to the #9 team that always gets screwed. Also wouldn’t be fair when #1 Bama crucified the #8 cinderella team.

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  8. 3 conferences with one dominant program and the problem is with the playoffs. Got it. Herbie, if your kids keep falling off of their bicycles you just need to have more kids.

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  9. benco04

    The issue I see is that the general public expects a lack of minimal amount of bias from college football analysts/broadcasters. On the air, they do okay. Then they have interviews, like we see here, or social media outbursts where they are anything but. Herbstreit and Pollack are particularly transparent when they’re not in front of the camera on their network. Then you remember that Herbie went to OSU, his son plays for Clemson, and Pollack is a legend in Athens.


  10. Don’t worry, Senator, the day is coming soon when the College Football Playoff will consist of 64 teams made up entirely of overpaid free-agent players, most of whom will opt out before the postseason. Then we’ll both be (un)happy.


  11. theorginaldawgabides

    Those three teams dominating their respective conferences is not the fault of the current playoff format. The opportunities Herbie mentions are there for other teams in each conference if they can slay the giant. And If the Big 12 or PAC 12 produces a champion with less than 2 loses, they can get in too. The playoff is for the P5 and Notre Dame and that’s the bottom line.


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