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Rich, getting richer

Man, what a coincidence, eh?

Coming soon to an argument for playoff expansion near you…


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“It’s about perseverance, grit, the mental challenge.”

Swear to Gawd, this comes off like a bad joke I wish I had made.

UGA is refunding approximately $1.8 million to football season ticket holders for the game against Vanderbilt Saturday that won’t be played and may seek “relief,” with the SEC for a game that was postponed two weeks ago and then canceled.

“I think we’ll certainly bring that to the attention of the conference,” athletic director Greg McGarity said Thursday. “I’m sure we’ll seek some type of consideration at the proper time in light of what happened, not anything related to what we’ve done. We certainly hope there’s some consideration given, but that process hasn’t started yet.”

McGarity said UGA president Jere Morehead would have to back the request and it would then have to gain support among the league’s other 13 member schools.

Greg Sankey, upon being asked for a refund:

Hey, if you don’t ask…

There is one interesting note in Weiszer’s article:

The SEC had assisted UGA in trying to line up another opponent for this weekend.

“We didn’t even get into the testing protocol to find common threads there because the first thing was trying to find someone that was available and that it had made sense,” McGarity said. “The conference helped us and directed us and they had some teams that we already had on our list. We appreciate them trying to help us find something.”

I’d love to hear more details.  Does that mean Sankey was prepared to allow Georgia to play a non-conference opponent?  If the conference wasn’t blocking play, why couldn’t McGarity land a deal?

Asked about what the major obstacles were, McGarity said: “I would just say they were multiple in nature without getting into specifics. There were just multiple issues.”

Maybe we’ll find out in ninety days or so.


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You can run, but you can’t hide.

Tired:  Since Vandy pulled a COVID cancel, Georgia should talk Coastal Carolina out of playing for the Sun Belt championship and instead come to Athens for an opportunity to show its mettle.



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