Rich, getting richer

Man, what a coincidence, eh?

Coming soon to an argument for playoff expansion near you…


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  1. Down Island Way

    So, you are saying expand the playoffs to six teams…with the sec owning 3 spots, ain’t gonna happen Bluto…


    • You think I’m an advocate for playoff expansion? How long have you been reading the blog?

      No, I’d argue for something totally different, if the goal is to increase competition: lower the scholarship cap of 85.


      • Down Island Way

        Just take the bammers and tosu for a minute, lowering the 85 number will not scare those folks at all, they’ll continue to black/gray/blue shirt athletes, use the practice/scout squad to get them on campus, hide students on the rowing team, you may get a chance to have more 4 stars spread out on the horizon, look at effing usc, what was it 9 signees, no friggin’ way a 5 star is going there, don’t you believe their best chance to sign the states number 1 player was zero (Boom or no Boom)…I understand your thought, the rich get richer cause they can and will…


  2. sniffer

    To which I would say, head coaches will come and go and programs will rise and fall. No one would have thought that Nebraska, FSU, Penn St, Miami or Michigan would fall from grace like they have. It won’t last forever for the teams at the top. College football has bigger issues than who’s temporarily at the top.

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  3. “Hey doctor, every day my kid punches Jena’s hard as he can in my kidney and now it hurts all the time.”

    “Here’s a back brace and some kidney medication to help with this kidney problem you’re having.“

    If parity is the goal, addressing the cause of the disparity in recruiting should probably be step one, not expanding the playoffs. We’ve obviously seen these lesser stocked teams can’t compete.