The many faces of Kirk Herbstreit

The same guy who just said, “… we have got to figure out a [postseason] system that opens up opportunities” also said this ($$), apparently with a straight face:

In an interview with 97.1 FM The Ticket in Detroit, Herbstreit — known perhaps as the face and voice of college football for this generation — brought up this year’s Iowa team as an example of what’s both great and wrong with the sport. The Hawkeyes (6-2) had a tumultuous offseason and dropped their first two games by a combined five points. They have since won six straight by an average of 21.8 points per game.

“To me, that’s one of the great stories of college football (this year) and we live in this era of, ‘Does it have anything to do with the playoff? Nope, OK, who cares?’ And if that’s the world we’re going to live in in college football, that’s like March Madness,” Herbstreit. “If you’re in March Madness, fill out the bracket and we’re gonna get excited. But do you care about the NIT? No, unless it’s maybe your school.

“That’s what college football’s turning into with this playoff. If you’re in the playoff, it’s March Madness. And if you’re not in the playoff — even if you’re 9-2 — good riddance. Kids are opting out of Rose Bowls; kids are opting out of Sugar Bowls. It’s like, what in the hell is happening to our sport?”

Maybe you should talk to your employer about that, Kirk.  Assuming you really care, that is.  Otherwise, this is jaw-dropping hypocrisy.  Or in your case, business as usual.


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  1. Ran A

    He’s right though… If none of these other bowls actually mean anything anymore, then expand the play-off tree. And this from a guy (meaning me) that has been steadfast against expanding outside of 4 team.

    Otherwise, these games become glorified scrimmages, so that teams can look at who is coming back next year and slots that need to be filled. Especially with the new transfer rule; winning the game becomes secondary. To be honest, that is exactly where my head is with Georgia. With the opt outs, screw it… Use the entire game to get get people on the field and see what ya got…


    • LOL. He’s so right about that, he thinks the CFP has to be expanded so that more teams can play in the postseason.


      • akascuba

        Totally agree with you Senator.

        I’ll add if Herbie wants to know part of the root problem look in a mirror and consider the things he has said. It’s all about promoting personal, professional and his Disney paymaster monetary gains.


    • Bowl games have been glorified scrimmages more than not though, for as long as they have existed.

      More games does not equal better games. Thats chasing the dragon, which college does, and rarely grabs the tail


  2. jdawg108

    Play the bowls. After they are done, put together the playoff. As incentive? The top two (or some number like that) teams don’t have play in the bowls.

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    • The presidents will never go it since that goes too far into the spring semester.


      • Migraine Boy

        Huh? If all the bowls are played by the end of NYD, it’s like January 7-9

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      • jdawg108

        Early bowls. 3-4 games, maybe 6-8 teams. Have the result of these games factor into the playoff picture.

        I don’t have the details worked out, but if one less game played each year, that would put these mid December. Maybe even play them as a home team for the higher ranked teams. #1&2 get a bye. I’d love to have UGA play Clemson next week with a shot to get in (based on rankings now).


  3. Russ

    Yeah he’s said this a few times recently which is just an amazing lack of self-awareness. He and is employer have created this crap and it won’t stop until CFB merges with the NFL to become NFL-Lite.

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  4. TEXBaller

    Bitch was crying this morning about BCS was more meaningful than playoffs…..he opines (and cries) as the wind blows.


  5. jhorne2000

    Not sure he’s taking contradictory positions there – more teams in the playoff = less opt outs.

    The ship has sailed on importance of non playoff bowl games, and that’s something we can all whine about


    • Derek

      The point he was making is that Iowa’s resurgence is of no relevance because ONLY the playoffs matter.

      Making the playoffs larger does not reduce their significance.


  6. What I took from his comments on GD this morning…we need is a 2 team BCS system with an expanded playoff to make the regular season more meaningful for the Group of 5…or something. It’s pretty clear.

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    • Derek

      He makes so much sense that I stopped watching gd after he said Georgia shouldn’t be in the bcs game because they didnt win their conference one year after saying Michigan should get in the bcs as a non-conference champion.

      Fuck that guy.

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      • Down Island Way

        There is no way to compare cfp to march madness…unless you are Mickey vs CBS (plus various broadcast outlets) bitching about not enough game$…


  7. rigger92

    Wonder if this is the take of his that will stick?

    What frustrates me is how little the media markets the conference championships. There should be more reward for being/making the conference champ game, winner and second place. I dont watch GD or any of the other pre game punditry anymore, but I will bet that once the games start it will all be blabbering about the playoff.

    Take us for example. Our season was done when FL got us. FL wont make the playoff even if they beat Alabama. So, seems off to me.


  8. Jack Klompus

    He’s a douche that needs to be punched in the face. He’s a total populist.

    However, this may be the first year that an 8 team playoff would actually be good and you’d see a couple of first round upsets.


  9. RangerRuss

    I would be all for expanding the playoffs for this season alone. Simply seeing more games and giving the Dawgs another shot at Bama and a NC would do a lot to ameliorate this shitty year.
    But four teams is enough. The committee got it right every year so far even when the best team got hosed by the refs. The regular season is a playoff especially with a conference championship.
    Greedy bastards.


  10. originaluglydawg

    I’m to enjoy watching (I hope), TAM beating Tennessee, and Alabama beating the ______ bags..(fill in the blank with “Hand” or some other four letter word that you deem appropriate). I have mixed emotions about the Clemson/ND game. I’d love to see Clemson eliminated from the playoff consideration, but I can’t stand ND because of the bias towards them.

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  11. ugafidelis

    Herbsteit can go fuck himself. He’s made his millions, let the kids chase theirs in the way that best suits them.

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  12. So herbstreit tells on himself in a ESPN bio show type thing years ago. He stated himself that he never expected to get a call from ESPN, he didn’t know what he was doing, he didn’t have nice clothes or suits, and he was sweaty/nervous and completely tanked the interview and role playing. Got the job anyway. He wasn’t hired because of his intellectual prowess is what I’m saying. And as you clearly see ESPN forces, encourages, their color guys to talk nonstop. Which is not a good trait. He even speaks over people.

    He might be a nice guy but hes something like someone born on 3rd base and think they hit a triple. He’s never been intellectually challenged on his statements to be consistent and so he just says whatever is coming out of his 2 brain cells. He’s an actor. Hired to be so.

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    • classiccitycanine

      They’re all pretty much just hired to run their mouths. Nobody’s expected to offer penetrating analysis or be held accountable for previous statements and predictions.

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  13. TN Dawg

    To be honest I never cared about 8-3 Arizona State seasons prior to the playoff.

    I never cared about 7-5 Boston College teams and their showdowns with 8-4 Memphis in the David Sunflower Seed Bowl either, prior to CFP.

    So I’m gonna go ahead and check the box for “Never Cared, Still Don’t”

    You know what would make me care about 6-2 Iowa football?

    If they were playing in the CFP Round of 16.