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Fabris Bowl Pool PSA

Normally I wouldn’t make this such a rush job, but the pandemic schedule has made timing awkward.  The big rush of bowl matchups was announced today, but the first bowl game, the Myrtle Beach Bowl, kicks off tomorrow at 2:30.  No shit!

Anyway, I just sent out the usual invitations for y’all.  Make sure you sign up before that first game so you don’t put yourself in a hole.

If you didn’t receive an invite, here’s an invite link to sign up.

(As an aside, I can see there’s at least one screw up on the list, so review the games carefully.  I’m sure they’ll fix it, but, still…)



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Mark Richt has lost control of Kirk Herbstreit’s advice.

It’s not useful advice.  But it’s advice.


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And there it is…

Please, Gawd, don’t turn this into another Auburn – UCF embarrassment.


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Coaching ’em down

Love the subtlety here.

Junior coaches like he honestly has no fucks to give.  It’s his superpower.


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My completely irrelevant thoughts on this season’s CFP

First of all, please tell me that none of y’all plan on spending your entire day watching this bullshit.

This is, of course, the real reason the effing thing exists in the first place.

The sad reality is that there isn’t a need for anything more to cap this season off than Alabama and Clemson playing for all the marbles.  TAMU and Notre Dame have already gotten their asses whipped by those two and it’s unlikely the script is going to change in a rematch.  Ohio State has played six games and only faced two teams with a pulse (both games not so coincidentally being struggles for the Buckeyes).  Cincinnati and Coastal Carolina are both great stories, but does anyone really see them coming within 17 points of the top two teams?  Not gonna happen.

Which means we’re going to get a day of coaches whining about why their teams deserve a bid, pundits pushing their own bullshit narratives, Gary Barta’s inarticulate nonsense justifying the fix that was already in, and, as always, the usual anger when the choices are revealed as justification for another round of expansion that will be dismissed in the short run and embraced in the longer terms when the money’s there.

Ain’t college football great?


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Giving Sarkisian some sincere flattery

Let me just say that I hope Todd Monken watched last night’s SECCG and took notes.

Because running that play with James Cook looks virtually unstoppable.


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But their hearts are pure.

The Big Ten has always had a lofty impression of itself.  I remember a post I did in the early days of the blog about a sneering observation Jim Delany made about SEC academic standards that was thinly veiled racism.  And subsequent recruiting has proven that Delany’s programs — the elite ones, at least — chase the same kids the other P5 conferences do.

The attitude never changes, though.  This year, it was all about the pandemic and the way that the Big Ten would operate in its face.  As that bullshit slowly faded, it left the residual effect of Ohio State’s future in this season’s CFP.  They already changed the eligibility rule for the championship game, but there’s still the small problem of the sizeable number of Buckeye players who wouldn’t be able to play in a semifinal game because of the conference’s contact tracing rule.

What to do?  What to do?  Oh, I think you know the answer to that.

The suspense is killing me.


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“I hadn’t seen no article or anything like that.”

So, as I settled down to watch the last day of the 2020 season, this little puppy dropped on social media.

The University of Tennessee football program is currently being investigated by its own compliance department and the NCAA into alleged recruiting violations and alleged impermissible benefits to current student-athletes.

According to sources, the University’s general counsel has been interviewing subjects that are the focus of the investigation over the past several weeks. Multiple sources suggest the investigation dates back to at least early December.

The alleged violations are said to involve players recruited by Tennessee and players currently on the roster.

Inside Linebackers Coach Brian Niedermeyer, multiple Tennessee assistant coaches, support staffers, and players have been questioned by the university’s compliance department. Also, members of Tennessee’s recruiting department have been questioned. 

According to sources, Tennessee’s compliance department, including Adam Tate, was made aware of potential violations and began an investigation immediately.

Before the game, it was announced that Brian Maurer and Eric Gray would not be available, though no reason was given.

Jeremy Pruitt said postgame that Eric Gray was “Unavailable” today. When asked again about his status today, Pruitt responded “Guys, i’ve already addressed that one time.”

The story, she has legs.  ESPN’s Mark Schlabach confirmed it.  The school is already dodging the question with corporate gobbledygook.

“In keeping with our institutional commitment to compliance, we often look closely at regulatory issues that are brought to our attention via internal or external channels. Maintaining compliance is a shared responsibility, and active monitoring is part of that process,” athletic department spokesperson Tom Satkowiak said in a statement to the Knoxville News Sentinel.

Phil Fulmer’s “institutional commitment to compliance” may be the mother of all oxymorons, but I digress.  Pruitt himself was asked about the report during the presser after Tennessee’s loss ended its epic one-game winning streak and was his usual articulate self.

Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt did not have much to say Saturday about a report that his football program is facing investigation for alleged recruiting violations.

“I hadn’t seen no article or anything like that,” Pruitt said after Tennessee lost 34-13 to No. 5 Texas A&M. “Any time in college football or college athletics, you have typical compliance stuff. That is all I know.”

Sounds like he’s almost used to it there, no?

Anyway, when a story like this leaks at a time like this, a coincidence it’s not.  This has all the earmarks of a classic Fulmer ratfuck to give him leverage to terminate Pruitt for cause.  You’ll have to pardon the cynic in me if I think that Fulmer isn’t exactly arriving to the dance totally clueless about what had been happening.  All of which should leave he and Jimmy Sexton doing quite the hustle with each other to figure out the course of Pruitt’s departure with minimum exposure to all concerned.

In other words, just another day in the office for Vol football.  I eagerly await Clay Travis’ spin on the situation.


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