But their hearts are pure.

The Big Ten has always had a lofty impression of itself.  I remember a post I did in the early days of the blog about a sneering observation Jim Delany made about SEC academic standards that was thinly veiled racism.  And subsequent recruiting has proven that Delany’s programs — the elite ones, at least — chase the same kids the other P5 conferences do.

The attitude never changes, though.  This year, it was all about the pandemic and the way that the Big Ten would operate in its face.  As that bullshit slowly faded, it left the residual effect of Ohio State’s future in this season’s CFP.  They already changed the eligibility rule for the championship game, but there’s still the small problem of the sizeable number of Buckeye players who wouldn’t be able to play in a semifinal game because of the conference’s contact tracing rule.

What to do?  What to do?  Oh, I think you know the answer to that.

The suspense is killing me.


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  1. uga97

    So glad we can always count on the B10 to provide the contact tracing model for the corruption virus if ever needed.

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  2. NotMyCrossToBear

    They only play 6 games AND can’t keep their team healthy. UGA did it for nine and it would have been ten if Vandy had gotten with the program. I might add that Alabama did it for 11. Fuck tOSU.

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    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Pardon the nit pickin friend, but Alabama CONCEALED it for 11, not did it for 11. Everything is rigged in Alabama.

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      • NotMyCrossToBear

        You may be right.


      • James A Mercer Jr

        I really think that we should be above calling every other university “cheaters”. I makes us look like whiners and losers. Bama gets where it is by beating teams that can’t outcoach them nor outplay them. Let’s suck it up and admit we’re not the epitome of virtue and playing. You don’t see many of their players opting out either, do you?


  3. Winning 6 games when the peer group set of teams played at least 3 more games should eliminate the Suckeyes from contention, but this is Mickey’s party. That means an undeserving anOSU team gets in.

    Every other top 10 team has a better resume than B1G champion who didn’t even qualify for its conference championship game until the conference changed the rules.

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  4. TEXBaller

    Of course Gene Smith pushed. FTG!!


  5. uga97

    they should eliminate Brian Kelly & ND for his “threatending to boycott the Rose Bowl if the players families can’t travel” comments on the day he is about to play for a conference championship. That arrogant & pathetic, another millionaire coach that just cant find a way to STFU. Of course the CFP is lost so don’t count on it. Bama, Clemson, Texas A&M & Cincinnati should be the field, in that order

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    • PTC DAWG

      I don’t blame ND Coach, stupid rules are just that…and the ROSE BOWL has been moved…California deserves no less..

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    • James A Mercer Jr

      You did not that the CFP has moved the semis from Rose Bowl to Dallas now, didn’t you? With no ticket holders to make a dollar difference, Dallas makes a lot more sense. And, it probably doesn’t matter to TV either.


      • SoCalDawg

        exactly, it was 100% about CFP $$$$. they could have brokered this earlier w/ CA — adding family & personnel. They want 40k fans for the $$$. it’s not about the team’s families, it’s about the CFP knew this all along. why grandstand, when you can use the crutch of a less populous state to allow 40k fans for the $$$$. the emperor’s had no clothes for quite some time.


  6. Ran A

    That conference has embarrassed itself from the beginning of the season and apparently to the end.
    This conference has had more big scandals in the last few years than the SEC, ACC, Big 12 and Pac 12 combined.

    The SEC is where it just means more… The Big 10 is the conference where it just means more, but only with a self-righteous, hypocritical, sanctimonious selves.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    Hey, all this integrity and academics stuff are great BUT LET’S NOT GET CARRIED AWAY HERE!


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Delaney went to UNC, and we all know how pure its academics are.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    At least tOSU’s a.d. and HC act on behalf of their school, ruffled feathers of the conference, other schools, or the press, be damned. Imagine the howling they’d unleash if they were mentioned for something like the Peach Bowl to play Cinci?


  10. uga97

    the new ACC commish should remind the bosses of their new wannabe spokesperson, Brian Kelly, that they have not yet had their NBC TV rights bought out by ACC Network/Mickey, and that he should shut his ass up until the deal is done. And yea, if my kid’s team made the playoffs and my kids’ coach threatened to boycott the semi-playoff game just because I couldn’t attend live, I would put my kid in the portal immediately.


  11. 69Dawg

    The AD of Iowa is the chairman and has BS’ed the heck out of a team with 7 being evacuate against teams that actually played 10 or 11. Now I’m listening to the ESPN crew given OSU a complete tongue bath. TAM for so screwed
    by this. Bama lost their center in last nights game, this whole playoff is now loaded for OSU. Totally done for ESPN.


  12. Bulldawg Bill

    Don’t die, Bluto! It’ll screw up your whole day!!


  13. armydawg

    Bama will destroy ND. Clemson will beat OSU. ND & OSU did nothing more than guarantee themselves an ass-whipping.


  14. SoCalDawg

    In the biggest indictment of my fandom ever, and as someone vehemently opposed to CFP expansion, I do wish this year only we had 8 teams due to the circumstances, so we could make some noise given our turnaround w/ JTD. (assuming we would have finished in #8 spot, which we would have thanks to our P5/blue blood membership)

    however, I do realize the genie would never go back in the bottle. its already destined to expand in 4 years anyhow.