Coaching ’em down

Love the subtlety here.

Junior coaches like he honestly has no fucks to give.  It’s his superpower.


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21 responses to “Coaching ’em down

  1. Greg

    HA!….it ain’t cheatin’ if you don’t break the rules/get caught.

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  2. theotherdoug

    I’m actually starting to respect Kiffin a bit because he coaches with zero fucks to give. I’ll take it over the Irvin Meyers BS any day.

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  3. If a shoe toss is a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct then a coach clearly directing a lay down IN FRONT OF AN OFFICIAL can surely be called as well. Why does CFB make the obvious so hard?

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    • Totally agree with you…it should be like a technical foul…I remember when the hunch backs of nutter dame did it to us a couple years ago…it’s a stall technique for defenses to slow and upset the rhythm of a hurry up offense…


  4. benco04

    Every team teaches this. You hurt? Get on the ground. I didn’t see the game so I’m not sure what the circumstance is. But I do know that most teams are telling their players to get down if they so much as stub their toe.

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  5. We’ve learned recently that shamelessness really is a superpower.

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  6. mp

    Peach Bowl vs Cincinnati indeed


    • akascuba

      I think your right and hope we are both wrong. I’ve no interest in that match up. Whoever we play I hope we get to watch JT setting team bowl records for passing excellence to savor till next season.

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  7. Honestly this doesn’t bother me. Lanes just being brutally honest. Everybody does it, nobody gets called, so why pretend? Lanes not the issue here. He knows how to coach a “landmine” call. They so it in every single program.


  8. Ace Harris

    Jr. looks as if he needs to get away from the feeding trough. That boy has definitely put on some lbs.

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