Mark Richt has lost control of Kirk Herbstreit’s advice.

It’s not useful advice.  But it’s advice.


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17 responses to “Mark Richt has lost control of Kirk Herbstreit’s advice.

  1. Jack Klompus

    Just when you thought he couldn’t get any douchier…

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  2. Greg

    Easy for him to say. If OSU didn’t make it, he would be singing a different tune.

    Whichever way the wind blows for that fellow….thinks most are that.

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    • originaluglydawg

      Succinct to the point of being Lexiconish (IMO).
      I picture Herbstreit’s portrait hanging in the College Football Hall of Fame with that simple caption under it.

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  3. Hunkering Hank

    That’s a funny header.

    Herbstreit is gay as Wham…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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  4. originaluglydawg

    Says the sock-puppet for Ohio State…and ND (who, by the way did not win their conference).

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  5. akascuba

    Being a Buckeye man I’m sure he made nothing but straight A’s in what tOSU teaches best Hypocrisy. There is no limit to the amount of self serving BS Herbie shovels up. He shamelessly continues to top himself at an increasing rate.

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  6. akascuba

    It’s too bad tOSU did not get the opportunity to play Alabama this season with Herbie and Reece calling the game in prime time. I would have greatly enjoyed that broadcast.
    My favorite question for Herbie would always be what is your schools bowl record against the SEC?

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  7. bigjohnson1992

    This guy. Same talking head that said there’s no way we play and / or should play football this past fall. ‘Click bait’ Herbie seems to always be wrong. I think I remember liking him years ago. Something happened.

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  8. Faltering Memory

    Just think he moved out of Columbus, OH because his radio audience got tired of him.

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  9. poetdawg

    In a way Kirkstreet is correct. The is no use pounding on the table for respect from the whores on the committee. You might as well try to teach a pig how to sing or give fashion tips to a gator.


  10. winodawg

    If the conferences really wanted to take stand, they’d boycott all bowl games until a better/newer/more inclusive/insert-adjective-here system was developed more to their liking.

    But the sweet, sweet TV money is just too irresistible, ain’t it?


  11. RangerRuss

    Cops in cars topless bars…