Down and out in Columbia

It’s hard to believe, but this bowl season will have to proceed without a 2-8 team.

TheBigSpur has learned that South Carolina will not play in the Gasparilla Bowl on Saturday against UAB.

A source close to the program told TheBigSpur on Tuesday morning there was a players only meeting before athletics director Ray Tanner met with the team at 12:30. After the team meetings began, the source confirmed the Gamecocks are not playing this weekend.

JC Shurburtt reported Tuesday morning that a member of South Carolina’ staff has tested positive for Covid-19. Due to contact tracing, most of the coaching staff is currently in quarantine.

The team was already low on available scholarship players, as a result of injuries and opt-outs. Interim head coach Mike Bobo, the only current staff member not in quarantine, said “51 or 52” scholarship players practiced on Sunday evening. The team was scheduled to practice again on Monday, but that was canceled, because of a Covid positive test on the coaching staff.

TheBigSpur was also told on Tuesday that some players on the team did not want to play Saturday.

No kidding.  Sounds like management was more enthused than the players were, which is always a recipe for success on the field.


UPDATE:  Fallout.

Army was out, and then it was in.  UAB was in, and now it’s out.  It’s like the world’s shittiest game of musical chairs.


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30 responses to “Down and out in Columbia

  1. Don in Mar-a-Lago

    “Interim head coach Mike Bobo, the only current staff member not in quarantine,”

    I blame Bobo

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  2. It seems lots of people are getting the Rona for christmas, I’d pray for their health, but they dont really have it. If you can follow.


  3. Russ

    What’s the deal with not wanting to play for Bobo? I can get not wanting to play the Gasparilla Bowl especially after a 2-8 season where the coach was fired. But is Bobo a divisive coach or something?

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  4. practicaldawg

    “No mas” —USCjr


  5. Don in Mar-a-Lago

    They’ll always have Mons Venus

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  6. akascuba

    After all the years of listening to I blame Bobo from a guy two rows in front of me. I guess he is finally right. I don`t blame the players if that is the exact verbiage Mike used to them.

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  7. Don in Mar-a-Lago

    Baseball guy in charge of football


  8. veryfinepeopleonboth Sides

    I don’t think this changes anyone’s Saturday plans

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  9. Call Army. They’ll play both dammit!

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  10. trbodawg

    Why don’t we jump in and volunteer to play. Every game helps 🙂


  11. Anon

    Kids are soft nowadays


  12. spur21

    If there is a trophy for most dysfunctional team / administration the barn and the cocks are running neck and neck with the Vols.

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  13. rigger92

    Gawd, I hope Kirby has a mechanism in place for a “filter”. I dont Twit, and I hope he has a “twit” to do his filtered “twit”.


  14. morespinners

    Now we know why they went 2-8. They checked out or opted out before the season started.
    Just wonder if they sent a team ball to AD Tanner with the quote, “for the love of the game we quit!”
    Beamer is probably having second thoughts about these guys…quitters and losers.
    The guy who should have his ass kicked is Ray Tanner. Should never have allowed a team with this kind of record and attitude go anywhere except home.
    If I’m an underclassman, I just hit the transfer portal…”Im getting the freaking hell out of this place”.


  15. bigjohnson1992

    The cocks and auburn shitcanned their coaches before it was necessary, during an awful, awkward season. They’re paying huge buyouts. The
    players aren’t having any of it either, especially since both teams hired guys that are NO BETTER than the guys they fired. The opposite of ‘splash’ hires. Hell, a lot of these guys will hit the portal and leave these loser, classless schools without enough players to field a team next year. Think their recruits are excited either? Tenn better be watching as these dumpster fires burn. Are they gonna end up that dumb and desperate? Great for the dawgs tho!