The uncertainty principle

The CFP folks announce they’re willing to fly the schedule by the seat of their pants.

The College Football Playoff is willing to postpone most of its New Year’s Six bowl games, including its two semifinal games and the national championship, if one or both teams can’t participate because of COVID-19 issues, CFP executive director Bill Hancock told ESPN on Monday evening.

The games that could be impacted are the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic on Dec. 30, the two semifinal games and the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl on Jan. 1, the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 2, and the College Football Playoff National Championship Presented by AT&T, which is currently scheduled for 8 p.m. on Jan. 11 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. It’s unclear at this time if the Jan. 2 Capital One Orange Bowl will have the same flexibility because the bowl has a different contract than others.

“We are planning to play the games when they’re scheduled,” Hancock said. “We’ve said all along that we will be ready for any circumstance, and we will. But if one or both teams are not available and have to postpone a bowl game or the championship game, we will do it.”

Presumably Mickey is going along with this, not that I see they have much of a choice.  But it does set an interesting precedent.  If ESPN can live with not knowing exactly when teams will play (or even, arguably, if), instead of whining about going to an eight-game playoff so that no deserving team is left behind, why not decide on a CFP field on an as-you-go basis, after playing the bowl games?


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7 responses to “The uncertainty principle

  1. “If ESPN can live with not knowing exactly when teams will play (or even, arguably, if),” If they can live with that then they should be able to live with a set schedule (dates and times) before the season so the fans attending the games can plan their schedules!


    • Down Island Way

      This could get ugly for the viewers one game here another next week or maybe two….after awhile, I’ve got other fish to fry….


  2. Gaskilldawg

    Your question harks back to Vince Dooley’s suggestion decades ago about having a two team playoff after the bowls. Everything old is new again.

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  3. akascuba

    ESPN is nothing beyond self serving.


  4. “You’re looking live at a beautiful Orange Bowl stadium here in Miami on a warm May Tuesday evening as we get ready for College Football’s National Championship game…”

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