Second thought on the Peach Bowl

So, how does BYU’s total domination of UCF in yesterday’s bowl game affect your perception of the Bearcats, which also beat UCF earlier?  Here’s a comparison of the team stats from both games:

Screenshot_2020-12-23 Cincinnati vs UCF - Team Statistics - November 21, 2020 - ESPN

Screenshot_2020-12-23 UCF vs BYU - Team Statistics - December 22, 2020 - ESPN

I get two things there — one, Cinci’s defense ain’t all that, and two, the Bearcats did a very good job of keeping UCF’s offense off the field to beat them.  I do expect them to try that route against Georgia, but I’d say JT Daniels will make that a tough go.

By the way, how good is that Coastal Carolina defense?



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13 responses to “Second thought on the Peach Bowl

  1. Illini84

    11 penalties, maybe they’ll come out and throw a cheap shot like the Rainbow Warriors did?


  2. Down Island Way

    Thought there were just beaches and golf courses in coastal carolina…no defense needed there…

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  3. Greg

    All of these opt outs are just crazy. Hope we ain’t down to our 2nd and 3rd stringers for this game, but we may be.

    For now, gonna take back my 21 point (dif.) victory prediction.



    To have a second thought, one needs a first thought.


  5. If Cincinnati thinks they are going to drive the length of the field consistently against our defense, we’re going to beat them senseless. The two teams that beat us did it with big plays.

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  6. Eh. The one good thing about not going to games this year is and I actually got to watch other programs play and UCF was average at best. I just don’t get much from these comparisons.

    Cincinnati looks like a well coached and decently talented team. There is still a considerable talent gap between Georgia and Cincinnati, though. Kirby plays a LOT of people so I’m just not buying the opt out excuse. If lack of care is actually a problem then yikes.


  7. I think the game will come down to the QBs and specifically Ridder. He’s dangerous running and throwing but he’s also prone to making bad decisions/plays. He’s really your typical dual threat – thinks they can make every play. I expect Lanning and Kirby to mix it up with pressures and coverages.


  8. Tony BarnFart

    I agree with that assessment of what those stats may point to as far as their strategy. And no, I don’t think that will work.

    One thing I learned just by perusing a bearcat message board (I heard it on the internet !!!), their own fanbase does not appear enamored with the bearcats’ downfield passing game. Just shooting from the hip, I think you’re screwed against Georgia if that’s not in your aresenal (hell that may be college football in general nowadays).


    • Tony BarnFart

      And about 1in5 seem to know about JT Daniels. “Georgia’s quarterback is dogcrap”
      /”I know because I watched the alabama game.”


  9. Cincy was very good a year ago too, winning 11 games. They also lost 42-0 to an Ohio State. Now with opt-outs the Dawgs won’t have quite the talent advantage there, but if most of the linemen do their job, and there are no surprise opt-outs, the offense should roll.


  10. I’m all for the opt-outs. Much better bowl viewing seeing the hungry young dudes trying to show out for next year. You won’t see another Texas performance ever again out of a Kirby coached Dawg team.