The land of opportunity

It’s always cool to see the light bulb go off over somebody’s head like this.

Incoming Coastal Carolina president Michael T. Benson wrote an open letter to the College Football Playoff Committee and its chair, Iowa AD Gary Barta, criticizing the “lack of fairness” and “absence of character” in the current college football postseason that “must be addressed.”

The letter calls for an “equality of opportunity” for schools from the Group of Five and criticizes the “flawed logic” that ended with Coastal’s No. 12 ranking and Cincinnati (9-0) finishing No. 8, which he said left them “absolutely flabbergasted.”

“I can’t help but think what might have been this season had all FBS programs been given the same equality of opportunity,” Benson wrote in a letter obtained by Yahoo Sports. He added: “Just think about that: Football is the only sport where the deck is stacked insurmountably against those who have the inevitable classification of “Group of Five” before toe hits the leather each fall.”

Benson acknowledged in the letter the reality that finances play in judging teams for college football’s postseason: “The [power] five” have worked to ensure that a different kind of Golden Rule remains firmly in place at the highest level of Division 1 football: those with the gold make the rules.”

Welcome to the party, pal.  It’s not as if Jim Delany was exactly hiding that attitude a decade ago when the mids were screaming about being left out of the BCS.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    “Before toe hits leather”. Al Ciraldo smiles from on high.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Back on topic, he is spot on. Another side effect of this situation is that the group of five schools are in limbo and neither fish nor fowl. They’re theoretically eligible for the FBS playoff but will never, ever be included, but not eligible for the lower division playoffs.


  3. Ran A

    The Group of 5 can complain all they want. The truth of the matter is that the majority of those teams are 2nd tier with small stadiums and fan bases. And I ‘get’ that those folks are just as passionate about their teams. But at the end of the day, they do NOT drive revenue and they are not watched by the masses on TV. And the ‘mouse’ is king maker.

    Want to claim a National Championship, then do a round of 16 Group of 5 tournament and play it up. That could be both interesting and fun and actually get some TV money from the mouse.

    They are always going to Goliath and ‘by the way’ when one of them does finally get invited, the committee will make sure they are the last seed and you can bet the draw they get will beat that team into submission by half-time.

    The whining and the argument has gotten to the point of boring. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different/better result. Well guess what? This fits the definition.

    Start your own damn tournament and shut up already…

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    • Maybe Benson’s pushing for a 16-team BCS playoff, which this year would’ve probably included both Coastal and Cincy.

      And, to quote Clyde the Camel: “Merry Christmas, everybody!”


    • Tony BarnFart

      But wouldn’t part of you rather see Alabama murder Cincinnati than watch Notre Dame get their shit pushed in yet again ? I would love to see a G5 team in Nick Saban’s pathway to the national title.


  4. Ran A

    Not sure where David verses went – but you get the point.


  5. 81Dog

    Yawn. Let me know when one of them could stay within 25 of a team like today’s Alabama or Clemson. Or even finish an SEC schedule with less than 3 losses. If you want a seat at the adult table, you’re going to have to do better. Whining about how mistreated you are seems to be the new substitute for rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. The Power 5, whatever criticisms may be leveled at them (and there are plenty of valid ones), didn’t just roll out of bed a couple of years ago and start playing big games. They’ve been developing programs for 75 years. They are better at it. Could Coastal Carolina win some SEC games? Who cares if they can beat a Vandy or an SC? The worst team in the playoff this year would flatten them, as would several not in it.

    Its a great theoretical discussion. But if you want to see the best champion, they aren’t really relevant. I don’t care about tv ratings, even a little bit, but anyone who thinks Alabama being up by 35 at halftime on Coastal or Cincinnati is the riveting match-up casual fans (because hard cores are watching, right?) will flock to see? Uhhhh, sure. But keep lobbying for that because “fairness,” Group of 5 presidents.

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    • Cheer wino69

      Exactly. These teams didn’t serve as the usual cupcakes for the majors this year so their records look better than usual. Sure UGA could get upended by Cinn but to think that means they belong in the top 4 is just a reach. And lol, that they are shocked, shocked to find that money drives the rankings!


  6. This post is exactly why we need to go destroy Cincinnati and end this conversation. Beat that @$$ unmercifully.

    Coastal is a great story this year, but they couldn’t compete in the SEC or ACC.

    We’re going to get a Gof5 champion in the playoff when it expands, and they are always going to be the 7th or 8th seed. They are going to get their doors blown off by the SEC champion or Clemson every year.

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  7. If they would have put Cincinnati in and left Ohio State out I would have been fine with it.

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  8. psyopdawg

    You can have equality or equal opportunity but you can’t have both.

    Equality means the best teams get invited to play for the NC. We can all see who the best teams are, so can the Group of 5 and so can the committee because they use the eye test all the time.

    Equal opportunity means expanding the playoff and giving everyone a chance to play their way in. But it really sort of like junior sports these days where every player MUST play a predetermined amount of minutes or periods. It gives everyone an opportunity to show excellence or more accurately their mediocrity.

    Who gets to choose?


  9. originaluglydawg

    It’s not that Cincinnati got left out that bothers me.
    It’s that Notre Dame got in that bothers me.
    They played two teams with a pulse all year.
    North Carolina…who the beat and Clemson, who stomped a mudhole in their asses. It could have been a lot worse, but Dabo backed off, probably to let another ACC team in.
    Cincinnati could have gone through that schedue (ACC) with the same record and possibly a little better showing against the Tarheels and and the Irish. At least I think they could have.
    The problem isn’t who gets left out. It’s who ESPN and Micky want in..and usually that is at least one greatly undeserving team, usually from the midwest.

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  10. This is why I hate our game.


  11. Kevin’s Missing Pinky

    Should have written a letter to his DC about how to stop a QB run.