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TFW you know this year’s draft class is absolutely loaded

Hopefully, this is a message not lost on JT Daniels.


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At the intersection of COVID and Amateurism

Food for thought:

For an organization (the NCAA) that still maintains the legal argument that paying athletes is wrong because it might lead to athletes being cut-off from their peers on campus, it’s amazing how quickly we’ve simply accepted the idea that college sports teams need to have no physical connection to the campus they represent (such as San Jose State decamping to Arcata, California, the University of New Mexico football team temporarily moving to Las Vegas, or the Stanford men’s basketball team spending weeks in North Carolina). I do not think colleges will feel the need to backpedal from that.

Distant learning will be the norm for athletes even as regular students return to on-campus learning because it makes long road trips and a better TV schedule more manageable. The “college experience” of many college athletes will end up a lot more like the online education wing of a community college. No matter what, we will see more people accepting that this is a profession and that the professionals engaged in the conduct have all of the duties of professionals (even playing during a pandemic if the boss says so)…

He’s not wrong.  The speed at which places like the Big Ten did a complete one eighty could have given you whiplash if you weren’t careful.  And now, it’s likely to become a norm.  The new college experience, ladies and gentlemen!



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The real crisis facing college football

Folks, I think we need to face up to it.  College football has a problem:  its pundits are bored out of their collective freakin’ minds.

It is same old, same old. Alabama is making its sixth appearance in the seven-year existence of the playoff. Clemson is doing the same, earning a sixth straight berth. Ohio State is in for the fourth time and second straight. Those three have won five of the six CFP championships, with only a Joe Burrow supernova season preventing it from being six-for-six…

If ever there were a season to give a good outlier team its chance, and to demonstrate that the sport is more than just a cartel run by the super-rich, this was the season and Cincinnati was the team.

Will no one think of the Pat Fordes of the world?  Here they are here now; entertain them.


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