TFW you know this year’s draft class is absolutely loaded

Hopefully, this is a message not lost on JT Daniels.


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12 responses to “TFW you know this year’s draft class is absolutely loaded

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Maybe, but at Miami that just means his raise is delayed a year.

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    • Down Island Way

      Raise my ass, he discovered a cut in pay if he were to exit the u now….plus I don’t desire the UGA OC to be interacting with UGA QB like that….Ron Courson has enough on his plate…

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  2. CB

    WYM? That’s one less qb to compete with in the 21 draft and one more for the 22 draft. It would be a very “of course bc Georgia” situation if JT declared after the bowl.

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  3. NotMyCrossToBear

    Jamie Newman and his advisors beg to differ.

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  4. TN Dawg

    A paycheck delayed is a paycheck denied.


  5. ASEF

    I hear what you’re saying, and Daniels could propel himself into the 1st round 2022 if he stays in Athens and gets a full year of reps under his belt. Maybe even first QB off the board.

    This year? He’d be at best a 3rd round flyer for a team if he crushes the combine.

    But: King is coming back because he’d be an undrafted free agent if he came out now. He put up great passing numbers against exactly 3 teams: Louisville, NCSU, and Duke. He faced a lot of other “meh” defenses along the way. He was an abject disaster against Clemson.

    He didn’t even flash “back-up QB” ability really this year. He had a monster 7 game stretch at Houston, and then teams kinda figured him out. NC – whose defense got lit up this season – neutralized him with a hyper-athletic ILB spy and a steady mix of coverages.


    • TN Dawg

      It’s the same discussion we had about Fromm last year, to an extent.

      Stay a year in school and improve your stock or take it while you can at a lower value.

      I think for Fromm, he made the incorrect decision. Mostly because his physical abilities at the combine were always going to discount his performance based grade.

      Had he put up all-SEC type numbers, Fromm is probably a 3rd rounder even with physical limitations. With questions about his performance and physical abilities….well, he was what he was.

      Daniels actually makes more sense to go early.

      His performance, especially if he shines against Cincy as well, is basically all positive.

      And I think the combine metrics actually improve Daniels draft grade. There is a possibility he is late first round/early second if he shines at the combine.

      Think about guys like Trubisky, Daniel Jones, Drew Lock, Jordan Love, Carson Wentz, and others that basically climbed to first round and top picks from basically nondescript college careers.

      I think if Daniels enters the draft, the only lock to go ahead of him after the combines in Lawrence.

      Could he be the 6th-10th quarterback off the board? It’s a possibility.

      It’s also a possibility he is 2nd-5th.

      Just one man’s opinion.


      • spur21

        And another man’s opinion – he needs to stay and show off his talent.


      • Spell Dawg

        IDK, I’d say it’s a lock Fields goes #2, Mac Jones #3 and then it’s a dog fight with players like Trask, Newman, Wilson, etc., to out-combine each other. Daniels has little film and is still something less than 100%, I don’t see a team gambling an early round pick on him.


        • bigjohnson1992

          Haven’t seen Newman anywhere in the first 3 rounds of any recent mock draft. Kid really hurt himself by quitting this year. Was he really afraid of Beck, Bennett, or Dwan? Mental case in my book.


  6. A really good full season with all the returning offensive talent UGA should have plus a full offseason with Monken? JT Daniels could easily be a top 5 pick next year.

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  7. Anon

    Should we all take a step back and consider the competition JT played against? Would Carson Beck have put up similar stats throwing to GP against those teams? I’m not sold he is a first round talent.

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