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“That’s the (other) opponent we’re playing, COVID.”

If there’s one thing you were worried about letting the players go home for the holidays, well, you’re not alone.

Georgia coach Kirby Smart is more concerned about COVID-19 than opt-outs when it comes to player availability for Friday’s Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl matchup against Cincinnati.

The No. 9-ranked Bulldogs (7-2) broke camp for three days to celebrate Christmas before players returned to campus late Saturday to resume preparations for their New Year’s Day Six bowl game against the No. 8-ranked Bearcats (9-0). Between the players being outside the school’s control and recent spikes in outbreaks of the virus across the state, Smart said he was “on pins and needles” awaiting results of the first round of testing.

… “So, we’re trying to avoid doing a lot publicly, and we’re trying to avoid any positive tests that might knock somebody out for this game. The numbers are spiking all across over the country and really right here in Georgia. With things going on, our concerns are with our players that have gone home and come back.”

All we need this week is for JT Daniels to come down with a severe case of contact tracing.

In the meantime, welcome to lockdown, Dawg style.

Meanwhile, with players home for the holidays this past week, UGA could no longer monitor their movements via the SEC’s Kinnexon tracing technology. Players were immediately subjected to PCR tests upon their return Saturday, and they will be tested two more times before Friday’s noon kickoff at Mercedes-Benz Stadium (ESPN).

Smart said the Bulldogs would not travel to Atlanta until the night before the game and won’t be participating in any typical bowl activities.

“Our concern is with our players that have gone home and come back and also with the guys being around each other,” Smart said. “So there’s really not a lot you can do to enjoy the bowl. You can enjoy the fellowship of your teammates and just stay safe so we can finish off this season.”

When Kirby retires from coaching, maybe he can run the CDC.  In the meantime, he’s got a game to coach, by damn.



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“For the most part, yeah. I’m focused on the guys that will play.”

So, here I was speculating just the other day about the sales job Kirby Smart was facing for the Peach Bowl and he goes and announces this:

“The biggest thing to know is that we’re worried about the guys that are going to play. We’re focused on the ones that are. Azeez (Ojulari) is going to play. There’s a lot of misinformation out there and I don’t know where you get it from, but I’m focused on the guys that are going to play. We’ve got a lot of them who are.

The guys that aren’t, they’ve got a particular reason and I think I’ll leave that up to those guys because some of them are injured and played throughout the year. Like I said, I’m focused on Cincinnati, Cincinnati, and COVID because those are the opponents we’re dealing with right now and we’re focused on the guys that are here and are going to try to play in the game. I’m excited to see a lot of those guys y’all keep listing. Mark Webb is going to play. I don’t know why people keep listing his name. Richard LeCounte is trying to do everything he can to play in the game and he’s been battling to come back. He’s been at every practice, every rehab session…”  [Emphasis added.]

Mission accomplished, I’d say.  That ain’t sounding like a rerun of the bowl game against Texas, that’s for sure.


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Dabo gonna Dabo.



Every time Dabo Swinney opens his mouth, an angel pulls his hair out.


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Coming full circle

Man, Rece Davis tipping his cap to the BCS?  Gotta give him credit for saying something Mickey would frown upon.

Well, you can’t have a 30-minute weekly show interviewing a computer now, can you?


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If you come at the king of the dipshits, you’d best not miss.



Leave the damned bottle on the bar.


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