If you come at the king of the dipshits, you’d best not miss.



Leave the damned bottle on the bar.


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14 responses to “If you come at the king of the dipshits, you’d best not miss.

  1. Ozam

    Any header with a reference to The Wire is worth my attention.

    FWIW, the end of that game last night was beyond incredible.

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  2. RangerRuss

    This would’ve been an excellent year for a G5 team to show their worth in the playoffs. ND certainly has no business there. Sometimes you just have to bust someone in the mouth and embarrass the hell out ’em to shut ’em up.

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  3. Youre best shot caser ever.


  4. godawgs1701

    What a dumb season it’s been.


  5. CB

    Do offenses practice not scoring TD’s? Do defenses practice pulling ball carriers into the end zone while stripping the ball?


    • coladawg

      That was coaching malpractice by the Liberty staff at the end of regulation. They had total control of the clock and the game. Snap the ball to the QB and immediately take a knee. Do it three times. Then call a timeout with three seconds left and kick the FG. Why do you even consider handing the ball off to a back who has been coached during his entire football playing life to gain every yard possible? Don’t blame the players.

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