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Save us, Kyle Trask. You’re our only hope.

We’re about to find out what kind of offensive genius Dan Mullen is.

Florida doesn’t have a running game and now the Gators are without their top three receivers.  This should end well.


UPDATE:  The very definition of a throwaway season…

Screenshot_2020-12-28 Thomas Goldkamp on Twitter


UPDATE #2:  Speaking of throwaway…


UPDATE #3:  Make that Trask’s top four targets out.

Jeez, this is getting to be like a bad joke.



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Our lips are sealed.

Somebody wants us to keep a secret.

Kinda doubt that’s gonna happen.


UPDATE:  They buyin’ in.

Makes you wonder how much LeCounte may be inspiring his teammates.


UPDATE #2:  Moar buy in…


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Use the force, Luke.

Kirby’s been just as flattering about Cincinnati.  Sounds like those bulletin boards are gonna be barren.


UPDATE:  Kirbs can give as good as he takes.


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“At the end of the day, it’s how you finish things off with something you started.”

David Paschall has a point.

Returning talent and incoming talent are the far greater barometers when it comes to offseason momentum for the Bulldogs, who are in the process of assembling a fifth straight top-three national recruiting class. Georgia established some momentum with a 31-23 topping of TCU in the 2016 Liberty Bowl, but the springboard to a Southeastern Conference championship several months later was more about the announcements that running backs Nick Chubb and Sony Michel and outside linebackers Davin Bellamy and Lorenzo Carter would be returning.

Georgia’s 2021 offense could give Bulldogs fans the desired attack that Alabama and Florida produced this season. Provided all of these components return, Georgia will have JT Daniels at quarterback, Darnell Washington at tight end, a running back contingent of Zamir White, James Cook, Kendall Milton, Kenny McIntosh and Daijun Edwards, and a receiver room headed by George Pickens, Kearis Jackson, Jermaine Burton and Dominic Blaylock, who missed this season with a torn ACL.

It also would be the second season under offensive coordinator Todd Monken, so while nobody in Athens would complain about a victory over the Bearcats, any significant springboard effect is highly unlikely.

Win, lose or draw, next year’s offense has a chance to be hell on wheels.  Still, winning would be nice…


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TFW you need to distract from finishing last in your division


I don’t know, Coach.  Finishing 3-7 is pretty damned joyless, if you ask me.


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My kingdom for a quarterback

Wheel route aside, in the end, what really sucks about this year’s Cocktail Party is that Todd Monken should have fucking embarrassed Todd Grantham.


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Wheelin’ around

Of course they do…

To be honest, I thought the success rate would be higher.  Damn.


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How it started:


How it’s going:


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Athens East?


Screenshot_2020-12-28 Is Kirby smart a bust


Including Shane Beamer, four current South Carolina coaches (Beamer, Bobo, Friend and Rocker) have a Georgia connection, including two who coached under Kirby Smart.


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Musical palate cleanser, another great, gone edition

His health had been failing and he’d been out of the public eye for years, but this still comes as a shock and with great sadness:

Tony Rice, the bluegrass guitarist and vocalist known for his elegant, innovative flatpicking, died Friday at his home in Reidsville, North Carolina. He was 69. Rice’s death was confirmed by the International Bluegrass Music Association, which inducted him into its Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame in 2013.

Born David Anthony Rice in Virginia on June 8th, 1951, Rice learned about bluegrass from his father, an amateur musician who raised his family in Los Angeles, and Tony’s older brother Larry Rice, who played mandolin. When Tony was 20, he joined his sibling as a member of the New South, the bluegrass group led by banjoist J.D. Crowe. The band played throughout Kentucky and introduced Rice to Ricky Skaggs, who joined the New South in 1974. Upon his death, Skaggs heralded Rice as “the single most influential acoustic guitar player in the last 50 years.”

That’s not an exaggeration.

Rice’s death on Christmas morning resonated throughout the bluegrass world as well as the guitar-playing community at large. “The list of guitarists who reinvented the most played instrument in the world is very short. Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix… a few others. Tony Rice is on that list,” Charlie Worsham told Rolling Stone in an email. “Hang out long enough with a couple guitar players, and you’ll hear phrases like ‘Manzanita, or ‘Cold on the Shoulder,’ dropped into the conversation like code, like a test to see how much you know about the good shit. Anyone who strives to flat pick a guitar with a solid right hand, to meld raw physical power with the grace and precision of a hummingbird’s wings owes a debt of gratitude to Tony Rice.”

That is astounding stuff.

I don’t either.


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