TFW you need to distract from finishing last in your division


I don’t know, Coach.  Finishing 3-7 is pretty damned joyless, if you ask me.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    You gonna let me push the envelope a wee bit?
    OTOH “scientists” haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory this year, and healthy skepticism is justified. OTOH a constant characteristic of healthy science is the ability to change one’s conslusions when the data or proof tells you to change.
    This Hogbody thinks there hasn’t been enough time to get a good handle on the “science” of the COVID virus, and we as society have over-relied on hasty conclusions and to an extent are getting the natural result of that. “Science” as a secular religion?


  2. J.R. Clark

    I thought Leach finished true to form in 2020. He always wins one he shouldn’t have (LSU) and loses two he shouldn’t have (Arkansas, Kentucky), every season.

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    Leach appears to be spot on.


  4. I thought for his first year in the conference and all he had to deal with that he did a decent job.


  5. Ozam

    Maybe I wouldn’t use his exact words, but I do not disagree with what he said. Given the constraints applied by the politicians and scientists (whether you agree with them or not), the 2020 season was terrible on so many levels. It’s the irony of ironies that universities, who represent the bastion of liberal ideology, held a football season, at a time when most were virtual only, all in a capitalistic pursuit.


    • Maybe it’s just semantics, but to me, joyless is different than terrible. (And I agree with your premise that many things about this season were terrible.)


    • The smackdown we put on the Gus Bus certainly was neither joyless or terrible unless you’re Barrett Sallee.

      The Candy situation where they pieced together a team to have their Senior Day while they canceled our Senior Day twice was definitely joyless and terrible. I hope Kirby drops 80+ on them in Nashville in 2021.

      The fact we didn’t play Fech because neither Alabama nor Auburn has an out of conference rival and McGarity didn’t stand up to the suits in Birmingham and say we’re playing them anyway was absolutely terrible.

      The fact that I’m entering 2021 as optimistic about our prospects as I have since 2018 (and 2013 before that) gives me hope that there’s going to be a lot of joy in the Classic City come next fall.

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  6. godawgs1701

    Leach should have found a way to cancel the season after that opener against LSU. In fact, he probably should have retired that night. I think it’s quite likely to be the high water mark of his entire LSU tenure.

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  7. True but the players running the offense were not his players and he played some games that many coaches would have skipped due to the lack of player availability.


  8. Spell Dawg

    Going from the 28th ranked recruiting class in 2020 to the 37th isn’t going to help his malcontent; the Laner flipping the feat (34th to 18th in 2021) doesn’t bode well for his chances in the state, either.

    Leach is a guy I like having in college football, just not in the conference I pay much attention to.

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