Wheelin’ around

Of course they do…

To be honest, I thought the success rate would be higher.  Damn.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Haven’t we been hearing that shit since about the 2007 Tennessee game, when Jim Chaney shredded us with it?


  2. Ran A

    Well, they have had a little time to get that figured out (I would think). Not that I don’t think they’ll get a couple of those to work. But I also think it could blow up in their face. To be quite honest; I expect Georgia to come out and ‘hit’ this team like they have never been hit in their life. Will be interesting to see if Cincinnati can stand up to how physical I expect Georgia to be in this game.

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  3. willypmd

    Has anyone figured it out? Watching UF move Toney all over the field and hit big play after big play on Bama’s defense made me question whether this is a flaw with our defense, or just the new normal


  4. Russ

    Surely there has to be a key to stopping that. I hope we have a plan (and not just “hope”) to stop it this Friday.


  5. The wheel route is the most difficult play in the game to defend especially if you play a lot of man coverage. A slot receiver runs a wheel route and gets the outside receiver to rub the nickel or a safety. A running back slides out of the backfield one on one with a linebacker.

    The only way to defend it is to play disciplined zone coverage and get pressure because it’s typically a slow developing play.

    I would find a way to have someone running a variation of a wheel route on every play until a defense stops it.


  6. How is that possible? The wheel route is not new to college football.


    • willypmd

      I guess a wheel combined with 4 verticals and RB’s that are specificity recruited to catch the ball, run routes, and be able to move in space is relatively new.

      Combine that with RPO and rules favoring the passing game and I’m just not sure if there is a fix for these offenses yet.

      UGA and Bama are top 5 defenses with elite defensive coaches and couldn’t stop it, how is someone else going to?


  7. bigjohnson1992

    This qb is average. So not having to worry about deep balls will leave lecounte and cine avail to take the wheel route guys heads off. Then the chicken arms will start up. Our front 7 can handle their running game.

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