“He has a different level of confidence.”

Seth Emerson shares a great JT Daniels story ($$):

When two of Daniels’ teammates at Georgia were asked to tell a story about him on Tuesday, they began chuckling.

“Oh man,” left tackle Jamaree Salyer said, laughing. “A JT Daniels story? You got one Warren?”

“I don’t know, man,” guard Warren Ericson said. “JT is a character, man.”

Salyer came up with a story: During Daniels’ first start for Georgia, at home against Mississippi State, the quarterback was decked by a defender for the first time. Salyer wondered how Daniels, hit in game action for the first time since tearing his ACL 14 months earlier, would react.

Daniels got right back up.

“Hit me again!” Daniels told the defender.

Salyer smiled.

“I think he threw a touchdown on that play, too,” Salyer said, and remembered thinking: “OK, cool, we got a tough kid. … He got up off the ground, kept throwing the ball, threw it and threw it and threw it for 400 (yards). Yeah, he’s tough.”

I can’t help but think there’s a missing expletive deleted from Daniels’ quote.


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  1. Illini84

    Liked this part so much I’m going to post it again!

    “Georgia has only had Daniels for seven months. He committed to the school during quarantine in May, choosing to move across the country to a school he had not visited and a coach he had not met during his original recruiting process.
    What was going through Daniels’ mind as he made that long flight to Georgia?
    Nothing, it turns out.
    “I slept the whole plane ride, so I couldn’t really tell you,” Daniels said.
    But as soon as he arrived in Atlanta, the drive to Athens — and ensuing time in the area — let him know he belonged.
    “Everywhere you go in Georgia, everything is football here,” he said. “Something I instantly fell in love with.”

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    • Derek

      A friend of mine moved to Southern California a decade or so ago and sent me a pic of the college football gear area at a local walmart.

      Lets just say we take college football just a tad bit more seriously around here….


      • Illini84

        My family moved to LA in 57 and my old man was a high school football coach and football was taken very seriously. So was going hiking and shooting at Mt Baldy and mat surfing at Huntington.


  2. I’d like to say that sounds like we got our own Sunshine! but I dont want to put that out in the universe so it cant be true.


  3. Terry McCullers

    Daniels makes everyone around him better. Please come back next year:


  4. Texas Dawg

    Stetson does not have his level of talent, but I don’t think anyone can question his toughness. He took some pretty good shots and kept on coming.

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  5. theotherdoug

    …and now we know the team likes him at QB.