A tale of two offenses

Seth Emerson ($$):

Despite all the obstacles, Monken’s offense has improved (fifth in the SEC at 6.12 yards per play) over last year (eighth in SEC games at 5.39), when that offense had an experienced quarterback, two first-round picks and two more players currently starting for NFL teams.

The contrast is even clearer when you look at a month by month breakdown of offensive ypp.


Screenshot_2020-12-31 cfbstats com - 2019 Georgia Bulldogs Total Offense Split Stats


Screenshot_2020-12-31 cfbstats com - 2020 Georgia Bulldogs Total Offense Split Stats

The trends couldn’t be more opposite if they tried.

Quibble over the level of 2020’s competition as the season progressed if you like, but remember, the 2019 team got to start its season facing a murderer’s row of Vanderbilt, Murray State and Arkansas State, none of whom graced the 2020 schedule.

The story is that Monken and his offense are getting their collective shit together.



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5 responses to “A tale of two offenses

  1. junkyardawg41

    You’re point can’t be repeated enough. My biggest issue with our OC last year was how we regressed in offensive output and scoring as the season went along. This year’s increase bears out in the numbers…. getting substantially better (even if the SEC D regressed across the board) as the season went along. I am glad we have Monken.

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  2. This is something that gets lost sometimes in the conversation about how much our offense has truly progressed this year. We have played only SEC defenses this year! Maybe that doesn’t mean as much as it used to, but still. Also, CKS had a pretty good back-up plan that didn’t pan out for reasons outside his control. Good thing CKS also had a back-up plan to the back-up plan. In my opinion, from a roster management point of view, and even coaching generally, Kirby had a lot of adversity to overcome. We can second-guess JT being brought in a game or two too late, but the progress year over year, considering what we lost on the offensive side of the ball and the fact that that progress has been made against only SEC defenses is very impressive from where I sit. I think Coach Smart deserves consideration for coach of the year.


    • Tony BarnFart

      Our peers love to rib the “recruiter only” angle on smart. Whatever. He’s at least wise enough to know, that while he adapts and learns as a head coach, to never let up on the the advanced talent / roster management metrics that keep us in position to still go 8-2 (yeah im counting Vandy) in a “down year” while in the toughest league.


      • It’s funny … Nick Saban told Mal Moore in 2007 that he wasn’t the best coach in the country, but there would not be anyone that would out-recruit him. Has Kirby made some in-game mistakes? Sure … just like every coach does (of course, a couple of his were doozies at high stakes times). There isn’t anyone (including Little Nicky) that outworks him on the recruiting front.

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        • junkyardawg41

          Sorry EE but Saban’s best recruiting is with 5 star Officials — he also has done a heck of a job with coaching them up. #TylerSimmonsstillonsides

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