Oh, what a night

I dunno… between Kyle Trask’s 83.1 passer rating and this…

… it’s a real challenge to decide to whom to give the game ball.



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21 responses to “Oh, what a night

  1. 81Dog

    It’s obvious. You give it to Grantham. I imagine it will be a lovely parting gift. He probably gets fired up again and ends up as the HC for the Falcons.

    FTMF. 🙂

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  2. J.R. Clark

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  3. armydawg

    I have faith that Grantham will be back. They don’t want his buyout and who would they get? Mullen seems to love the guy and the only way he throws the guy under the bus would be to save his own sorry ass.

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    • theotherdoug

      Yeah, I think he’s coming back. Mullen loves him.


    • gotthepicture

      I think South Carolina and Auburn have proved buyouts aren’t as much of an issue as we thought. ADs are dumb enough to pay guys that much and dumb enough to pay buyouts thinking they’ll get it right this time.


    • stoopnagle

      The Bull Gators will find the cash.

      Charlie Strong is in the Saban School for Wayward Coaches. I’m sure there are a half-dozen capable defensive minded coaches in a basement of the Mal Moore Athletic Facility.

      Derek Mason is taking offers, too. He’s not a slouch.

      They could do a lot better. The fact they haven’t yet says a lot about Mullen’s ability to evaluate.

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  4. I really enjoyed watching them suffer. FTMF

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  5. Salty Dawg

    My heart is full! Last night was what I wanted to see from AL but didn’t. So satisfying!

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  6. Tras[h]’s QBR of 21.5 against a Big XII defense was worse than SBIV’s rating and barely better than Mathis in the Cocktail Party. Hahahahahahahaha!


  7. originaluglydawg

    My biggest take was that Florida didn’t have the depth to fill in for their sit-outs. Will Georgia? I think and hope so. Recruiting matters and dipsheet Dan hasn’t kept up.
    As incompetent as Grantham looks, Mullens looks worse because both sides of UF’s los looked like Vandy or worse last night.
    BTW..Rattler is excellent and will be a Heisman candidate next year. (Just thought I’d give Tony Barnhart a heads up)

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  8. Derek

    Anyone see Anthony Richardson play and say: I hope he can’t throw?

    I know I did. He is big and fast. If he can throw it a little, he’s going to be a problem…

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  9. Greg

    Pretty sure that I heard that Florida gave up a school record for most points per game scored on them last night (season).

    If I remember correctly, “Granthamitt”also set a school record for most points allowed by a defense for Georgia his last year there….. 29 points per game I believe.

    He’s consistent, he has that going for him. Plus he keeps getting hired.

    Hope UF keeps him, he deserves another chance…..not his fault.

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  10. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I need some input from y’all. Just got a call from Jimmy Sexton and he wants me to help him think of a strategy to get Grantham a raise. I told him I only wanted him to stay at UF, but he says Grantham wants a raise or he’s quitting, so help up some bargaining chips. 😉

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  11. OU fans mocking with chants of “SEC” had to sting. I was just hoping a reporter could have found Spurrier and stuck a mic in his face. I’m sure there would have been an epic sound bite torching of Mullet.

    “Half a hundee” hahahahahahahahahahah


  12. 86bone

    We had a big storm here in central Texas and I was without power most of the evening and missed the game. If we had ditch lizards around here they would be slithering all over the place after 4” of rain…I would take my .17 WSM out this AM and eliminate them all and send a few over to Lucchese to make some very nice gator tail snip toe cowboy boots for all of my fellow Dawg bloggers!!