Smokey and the Sun Bowl

This cropped up on my Twitter feed yesterday, and, to be honest, it’s pretty damned awesome.

I don’t know what producer had the idea to play it straight with Burt Reynolds as a color commentator, but I hope he got a Christmas bonus for it.



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16 responses to “Smokey and the Sun Bowl

  1. Dawg in Austin

    “That’s one of Anita Bryant’s kids.” OMFG

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  2. Eric Trowbridge

    What the hell do we wanna go to Texas for and announce a football game?
    For the good old American life. For the money, the glory, and the fun. Mostly for the money.

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  3. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Snowman, you got your ears on…


  4. Pat Summerall … truly the best. RIP.

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  5. waterloodawg

    If Burt says you got a hot wife, you better be worried.

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  6. waterloodawg

    Burt played his first game in 1954 against UGA.

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  7. Ozam

    Pat Summerall and Tom Brookshire were from a golden age of announcers. Announcers today generally suck.

    Maybe a Playpen topic on some of the great ones?

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    • Excellent Playpen topic!


    • Down Island Way

      Generally speaking, they don’t all suck, they are just really fucking bad…with Mickey practically owning college football/basketball we are the recipients of this badness….the truck tells them what to say, how to say it…just never explains why they say it….


  8. Russ

    That was great for several reasons.

    First, I love seeing just the Sun Bowl, no corporate logo in sight.

    Second, Summerall and Brookshire were 2 of the best.

    Third, no replays. The long Stanford TD catch would have been reviewed for 10 minutes these days before ruling him down at the 2 inch line. Also, no flags for hitting a runner going out of bounds.

    Last, Burt was hilarious plus a pretty good color guy.

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  9. Darrin Nelson…I remember him playing for the Vikings in the NFL.


  10. poetdawg

    This is great stuff, on so many levels. I remember Summerall and Brookshire as a broadcasting team and they were good. It was before my time but my understanding is that they actually were pretty good ball players before they went into broadcasting. It was great hearing Burt as a color commentator, right up there with Dandy Don Meredith (although Meredith was a lot better ballplayer).

    It was an interesting comment that Brookshire made about the Stanford team GPA and no square dancing courses. A friend of mine was at Stanford at that time and had Darren Nelson in a class. His opinion was that Nelson was dumb as a box of rocks and would not have been in Stanford if he couldn’t play football (probably not a news flash).