A master of coachspeak

Put away the bulletin board.  Luke Fickell made sure you wouldn’t need it.

About all that’s left after that is an observation about Georgia’s long snappah.


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6 responses to “A master of coachspeak

  1. armydawg

    He knows who and what he’s facing. Just trying to mitigate the sting of losing.


  2. Bulldawg Bill

    That might make the snappah sore. And there’s nothing worse than a sore snappah!!!

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  3. Greg

    I am sure the Kirby has kept reminding them that Fickell said they deserve more than the Peach Bowl…..effectively rendering the Dawgs to an inferior opponent.

    To late for that BS….Fickell.

    Dawgs come out FIRED up!!….gonna be an ass kicking.

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  4. Ran A

    He wins either way. If they win, he doubts his team beating such a strong opponent. If he loses, he says his team gave a strong effort against a really strong opponent.

    Vince Dooley 101