And, now, the rest of the story

Bill Connelly had some follow up thoughts on that tweet of his I just posted that might be of interest.

My quick thought on the opt outs are that they’ll miss Stokes, cover Rice and McKitty okay and miss Cleveland, perhaps most of all, as he’s been the most consistent o-lineman all season.  And you?


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  1. elbertadawg

    I’m curious to see if any more surprises happen. Jordan Davis seems so critical to me.

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  2. Miss Stokes.
    Cleveland? Sure, he’s been good this year, but it’s not like he hasn’t missed a bowl game before.
    Rice? Brings a toughness to the defense, but the other 3 in the rotation are more athletic.
    McKitty? I want to see more of 0.

    Now, who knows who else is missing because they didn’t make the trip due to a failed test or contact tracing?

    If we show up interested, we win. If we show up with bad intentions, we win handily.

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  3. Gaskilldawg

    Cleveland since Cincy’s defense is its strength.


  4. armydawg

    Eight in the box: throw long. Eight in coverage: turn Zeus loose & the freshman. Jet sweeps to milton. Cook: may your Dad rest in peace.


  5. gotthepicture

    I think DJ Daniels is an opt out also, right?
    With Stokes opting out and Daniels it’s gonna put a strain at CB. I have read they might move Stevenson there, but then you might need to shuffle star/safety. If LeCounte is back and 90% or better, then that’s less of an issue.
    Also, Hill is supposedly out with injury, so now you’ve got 2 non-starters on the interior OL.


    • Castleberry


    • Speed is starting in Stokes’s spot per the depth chart this morning with Jalen Kimber behind him with Stevenson and Webb at star/dime. LeCounte is a game time decision with Chris Smith.

      Hill has been out for a while now. Ericson or Van Pran at center with Ericson also listed at right guard (where he played in Cleveland’s spot in New Orleans last year). Ericson has been the starter at center and has played well since Hill’s injury.


  6. Is anybody playing the “comparison score” game this morning? Tulsa is the team that Cincinnati just barely beat in the AAC Championship game, and they lost to Missy State yesterday. I know we just barely beat Miss St ourselves, but I think we played much better in our two games after that, and I think we win today by a couple touchdowns. I see a game similar to last year’s Sugar Bowl, maybe another TD for each team.


  7. Young pups against that Cincy QB. Could be like the Mizzou game where we are needing to swap scores early, Kirby gives his magic Halftime speech, and Dawgs running game plus Pickens have us pull away in the 3rd. I’m guessing we cover…barely 41-31 due to cheap late score by the bearcats.

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