Herbie has some thoughts.

He was so upset by that, he forgot to blame Mark Richt for losing control.


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  1. drunkenmonken

    As bad as Woody Hayes punching a Clemson player?

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  2. Biggen

    Its just soooo stupid. I mean, who fights Tulsa?

    Sounds like there are still plenty of malcontents left on the team.

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  3. practicaldawg

    ESPN is doing the right thing by condemning this fight by showing it over and over and over and over 100x a day right after commercial breaks.

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  4. stoopnagle


    Hey, look, totally uncool that the two teams had guys lose their cool like that. It was an unexpectedly chippy game from both sides and who knows what got it that way. And, indeed, it was not a good look for either team.

    Who knows? Maybe Leach wants his team to be all pirate-y? No idea.

    But let’s look on the bright side: at least a HC didn’t cold clock a player during the game. At least a coach isn’t harboring a domestic abuser on his staff. At least a beloved coach is not covering up rampant abuse of children by an assistant. At least a coach isn’t covering up sexual assault and rape by players while the university administration blames the victim. At least it’s not a booster embezzling funds from a children’s charity to pay a player’s dad.

    I mean, honestly, at this point a black eye is the least of college football’s problems.

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  5. I guess I disagree kirk. It was about the most interesting thing in 2020 involving college football

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  6. Salty Dawg

    There were several cowards on the field as far as I can tell. If you are going to fight, then be a man and fight. Duke it out. Kicking someone and running away is a pussy move. I’m looking at you #4.

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  7. Considering that the Clemson-South Carolina and Miami-FIU weren’t that long ago, I’d like to say I’m surprised he’s going on about yesterday’s fight being as bad as it gets but then it’s current year Karen and everything is the worst.

    Personally, I find it difficult to GAS. Sure, I’d rather it didn’t happen but it always has and always will when competitive teenage and early 20s males beat on each other. Herbie’s take and calls of thugs and calls for criminal charges bother me more than the “brawl”.

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  8. archiecreek

    My main man, George Pickens, knows how to handle a thuggish opponent.
    Ask that dip$hit Swilling.
    Drove that a$$wipe’s head into the concrete at Mark Richt Stadium.

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  9. jdawg108

    Worse than Penn State?

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  10. originaluglydawg

    Much ado about almost nothing.
    Word is it all started when a Tulsa player called MSU “The Gators”.
    That would explain it.

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  11. As bad as it gets? How about what went down in the Lasch Center? That was the worst thing imaginable. At least Leach didn’t cover up a child molestor.