Press box depth chart

Per Seth Emerson, who obviously doesn’t want to miss the kickoff.

  • There is a little intrigue at the center of the o-line, with Hill and Cleveland gone.  Ericson is listed as a starter at both center and right guard, which obviously ain’t happening.  More intriguing are the options — Van Pran at center and Salyer (!) at right guard.  Sounds like we’re in for a little mixing and matching today.  It will be interesting to see if Cinci can take advantage.
  • James Cook is listed at running back, but won’t be at the game, due to his father’s passing.
  • Defensively, Quay Walker gets the start in Rice’s absence, which is to be expected.
  • There were whispers during the week that Stevenson might see a move to cornerback, but he’s still listed at star, with Webb, about whom there have also been some whispers about being banged up.  Ameer Speed gets the nod to fill in at corner opposite Campbell.  I ain’t gonna lie — between the injuries and opt-outs, I’m a little nervous about the secondary today.


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9 responses to “Press box depth chart

  1. mg4life0331

    Ericson is pretty good. I think he can play both. In fact, if he is successful then Cincinnati really needs to stfu.


    • Biggen

      Agreed. I think he is actually a better center than Hill.


      • Greg

        seems that way, but on the other hand…I believe he was 2nd team All-SEC. His mistakes have been glaring, but he is dominant in the trenches.

        He is definitely a guard, but I guess we played the best we had at center.


  2. Teacher Martin

    If UGA is to win today there must be no injuries during the game. If they start piling up injuries during the game it will be a disaster.


  3. Greg

    Like our chances with the BIG man clogging the middle (‘D)…….a difference maker.

    42 – 17……DAWGS!!

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    Prayers for the Cook Family…

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  5. gotthepicture

    Who is Jaylen Johnson?


  6. Ran A

    I know nothing about Cincinnati. But from what I’ve read, they try and run to set up the pass. We shut down the running game, they are going to be put in an uncomfortable spot, but you can bet they will go after that opposite corner. Regardless of whomever is in there, I hope Kirby and company have worked on getting the wheel route challenges solved.


  7. Bulldawg Bill

    A decent pass rush would mitigate problems in the secondary.