Just in case you missed it…

Kirby Smart wants you to know this happened.

Nah, this season wasn’t all bad.


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24 responses to “Just in case you missed it…

  1. ugafidelis

    They showed a brief shot of him sitting on the field taking it all in one last time after the game. I thought that was pretty cool. Despite our few quibbles about him, he has been an integral part of where the program is today and he’s a damn good Dawg.

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  2. TN Dawg

    LeCounte is a DGD.

    It’s too bad he wasn’t part of a group that brought us a NC, he was so integral in helping us bring in all those top recruits when he signed on.

    Great player and came back to give it one more shot this year, very good dude.

    But not even a great attitude, selflessness, physical gifts and senior leadership can overcome an incompetent coach the runs off Justin Fields and refuses to play JT Daniels over D’Wan Mathis.


  3. Greg

    Any win is a good win, especially the way we won it….it builds confidence and togetherness. Missing 10 starters and winning was pretty dang good in my book.

    Good way to close out a season.

    Great that LeCounte got in, tells you what type of person he is to want to get in….good move by Kirby.

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  4. LeCounte is a DGD. I just wish he had not decided to get on that motorbike that wasn’t street legal. He would be going out as a man All-American and possibly the Thorpe winner.

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  5. David K

    Brini played his ass off filling in for him. Dude played lights out.

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  6. Scotty King

    Can’t he return if he chooses?


  7. dawgman3000

    Good on Kirby to get Lecounte on the field for one last time as a Dawg. I wish he wouldn’t have gotten hurt in that accident and went out as an All- American player. Wish him the best.

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  8. bigjohnson1992

    So he’s gone? What, maybe a 3/4th round pick? Another year would do wonders for most these guys, money wise. Except Azeez. Why are these kids dying to leave uga early every year?