“You guys are killing me.”

If there’s such a thing as a meteor press conference, I’d say yesterday’s Brian Kelly vs. the Alabama media hook up surely qualifies.


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10 responses to ““You guys are killing me.”

  1. Greg

    Well….he didn’t go Saban on’em, he has that going for him.

    Fun to watch, at least he was being truthful. Not as bad as he use to be, but clearly frustrated.


  2. gastr1

    But those damn media, asking questions that clearly infer that ND is still overrated and just what is BK going to do about it… Just need to be punched a few times, like Chizik said, that’ll fix ’em.

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  3. akascuba

    That’s a man who knows he has hit an unbreakable for him ceiling.

    Maybe Pawwl can get him on Mondays show to tell the faithful why Bama is the greatest team ever. Pawwl’s follow up I’m guessing will be is this the beginning of the end for Dabo. All things that threaten Saban must be knocked down seems to be the theme of that show.

    I do love college football and yes that’s easier to say after a bowl win over an undefeated team. I’ll leave their name out since it’s sounds better that way.

    Schadenfreude is alive and well in my heart and I’m not ashamed to say so. It’s part of the fun in being a CF fan. Watching Mullen implode the handbag nation, the train wreck that is Auburn football, GT too embarrassed to even attend a bowl game. Almost forgot the view from Rocky Top and the great Pumpkin’s office. Things down on the bayou get stinkier every day.

    Yea it’s going to be fun leading up to the 2021 season.


  4. Tony BarnFart

    i had a high school buddy who is a sidewalk Notre Dame fan get so salty with me when i made a follow up comment in my post from playoff selection day (pre-selection i had lamented the lame viewer experience if notre dame was actually selected, he called me a “DICK!” then)

    Yesterday it was, “you’re probably watching more than me anyway. I’m actually playing with my kids.” /sick #gooddad #baddad burn


  5. Russ

    Brian Kelly is a dick, but I don’t know what he is supposed to say. It’s obvious ND can’t compete at the top level and it’s been like that for a while. I don’t see it changing any time in the future but I guess it could.


  6. The truth is there are at least 3 teams in the SEC that could have given Bama a better game. ND was vastly over rated as they almost always are.