A quick peek at the 2021 schedule

Take a look:

Screenshot_2021-01-04 2021 Georgia Football Schedule - FBSchedules com

Assuming we’ve moved on to a post-COVID era in college football and are able to safely play a 12-game schedule, that sets up nicely for the Dawgs.

The opener will be a challenge, obviously, but from there things are certainly manageable.  The cross-divisional games are a rebuilding Arkansas in Athens and an Auburn team that will be breaking in a new coaching staff (Gus’ insistence that the Georgia game be moved earlier in the season should come to bite Harsin in the ass, ironically).

We’ve already talked a little about the East, but suffice to say that it will range from Missouri’s offensive continuity on the plus side to a bunch of teams breaking in new quarterbacks, new coordinators and, in a couple of cases, new head coaches.

Oh, yeah — the season ends with a couple of tune up games against Charleston Southern and Georgia Tech.  At Tech.

Really, there’s no reason this team can’t run the table after the opener, regardless of whether it wins or loses.  Either way, it should roll into Atlanta in the CFP conversation.  At least, that’s what I would expect.  I’m sure Kirby would chastise me for spreading rat poison, but that’s how it looks from here.

Your thoughts?



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42 responses to “A quick peek at the 2021 schedule

  1. MudCat's Mechanic

    I like the schedule. Really looking forward to the climpson game. Also the opportunity to have 6(!) whole home games in a season means I might actually be able to go to a couple.

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  2. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    we should be made double digit favorites in every game by Vegas except…
    clampson / turds / barn / mizzou?
    i think we’ll be a favorite in every game except clampson…as long as JT and Monken return.

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  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’m gonna miss the honor of playing against The Lovely and Talented Trevor Lawrence, but look forward to the challenge of facing D.J. the Ukulele.

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    • Down Island Way

      You will be able to purchase his online shampoo and conditioner…make an appointment for some styling at one of his many salons in a neighborhood near you…and if you are one of the lucky ones, meet him in person after a short and unsuccessful 3 year stint with that OL in jax….


  4. Ran A

    Need to figure out the secondary; but yeah, after The Tigers, there Georgia should be favored in everyone of those games; giving them plenty of time to face, whomever (Bama) comes out of the west.

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  5. Teacher Martin

    What are you going to do about that OL play???


  6. armydawg

    I’m cautiously optimistic about the game with Clemson, however I know nothing about whoever is their starting QB. The other thing I don’t know is whether their defensive performance against Fields & co. was an outlier or signs of defensive regression. I hope the latter.

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    • They gave up a lot of points to ND in the first meeting as well (other than a scoop and score).


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      I’d like to think that the Kirby has figured out that Brent Venables genius is because of sign stealing and developed effective countermeasures.

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      • Derek

        Over 600 yards allowed in each of their last two playoff games is not good.

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      • erksshadow

        If you know the other side is stealing signs, you give them fake signs and blow them up. They won’t be able to admit that they were suckered in by a fake sign so it just looks like a busted play on their part. Of course, you don’t fake all the signs, just the important ones and enough to keep them second-guessing everything. Now that’s chess versus checkers.


  7. The schedule is very manageable. We can beat the Greater Anderson Cow College if we play well. The East will come down to Jacksonville, and I imagine Kirby is counting down the days before unleashes the Dawgs.

    Because we’re Georgia, I think we end up 11-1 and face Bama in the Benz with a playoff berth at stake.


    • HirsuteDawg

      Is your math the same IF we end up having to play a freshman/redshirt freshman QB. And I’m hoping the O line play in the Peach Bowl was a one-off thing and not a glimpse at our future. On the other hand, our receiving corps looks like the best in years.


      • My math assumes Daniels is back. I think it would be difficult to win that opener with a young QB making his first start.

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      • signaldawg

        I think the math is the same without JT. This schedule is fairly easy. I think we have enough coming back on offense, and as long as we know going into spring that JT isn’t playing we could get one of the young guys ready to play well enough to beat everyone except maybe Clemson. Bennett could still be around too ;). But I don’t think we could beat the west contender without JT.


    • armydawg

      I think that the once a season “crap-the-bed” game doesn’t happen this year. If we get by Klemson Kediddlehopper we go 12-0.


  8. stoopnagle


    Charlotte is booked.

    And it’s not just our schedule but our closest competitor in the east has Bama and travels to LSU. This year’s third place team goes to Aggieland. The way things look now, that offers a little cushion even.

    Speaking of tech, I wonder if their penny pinchers will rethink putting COFH in MBS in ‘21?

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    • Unless they need the money that badly, I don’t see any way Mr. Waffle House allows the game to be moved to MBS. We’ve pretty much made the Joke a quasi-home game. At the Benz, the Georgia dome field advantage would be overwhelming.

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      • originaluglydawg

        Consider the home field advantage Georgia has enjoyed at CMR Field.

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      • stoopnagle

        They were fairly straightforward that the Georgia game would not be one of the home games moved, but it was also pretty clear that they were doing this to bolster their finances. This year they were supposed to play Notre Dame and in ’22 they’re kicking off with Clemson – is there anyone else on their schedule that travels like we do? My first thought was Virginia Tech, but they might not be very excited in ’21.

        I guess it all comes down to how bad Covid hit them, what the hit was losing extra revenue from the ND game, and how desperate they are. We’re the home team either way.

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    • theotherdoug

      That’s a great point about UF’s schedule. LSU and Bama is a lot harder than Auburn and Arkansas.


  9. Greg

    Hopes they leave 2 weeks to prepare for UF….they are due an ass kicking.

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    • I’d sure like some master stat data on bye weeks, bc I am still not convinced its an advantage. if you get a key guy back, sure, but if you team is rolling and in battle rhythm, then they get some down time and also start listening to the media, i dunno.


      • Greg

        Don’t have time…..but did that a few years ago, maybe 5-7 years ago. Remember we won a hell of a lot more with the Dawgs having 2 weeks to rest versus UF only having one.

        It was overwhelmingly so if I remember correctly.

        Probably a wash if both have the same amount of time off.

        I may be wrong, but it seems as though Florida had an extra week off this year…Covid maybe?

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        • i’d like to see NCAA win loss over 40 years, lol. I really wonder about it. I think battle rhythm is really important, Saban does too.

          Theres no way to sort it on stat pages, so it would be a ton of mind numbing work.


          • Greg

            Gotcha….REALLY don’t have time for that.

            Just did the Georgia/Florida series. Went all the way back to Dooley at the start of his career.

            Probably at the start of the season, would guess it is a detriment to have an extra week off. Toward the end, would guess it would help with the extra week due to the two things you mentioned.

            If you want to pay me, I can do the work & let you know.

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            • yea, injury or brutal schedule relief I think is the biggest thing. I dont think its “more prep time”. Definitely want your bye week about 2/3 to 3/4 point of schedule. good stuff.


  10. SCAR, UT, AU are all a mess. UF maybe too.

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  11. We bookend the season with CFP playoff caliber games. If we are to have an elite season and break the 40 year drought (thank god those patches will be gone) we need to announce our intentions by beating Clemson, destroying FL, and finally breaking the streak against Bama (assuming Jimbo doesn’t do that for us). We then would likely catch one of tOSU or OU before a possible Clemson rematch.

    It starts in Charlotte. They are going to be strong and motivated. We’re really the only bump in the road for them, although they can breeze though the ACC and be in the playoffs. We have no such hall pass. We need to step up or wait for Saban to retire.

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  12. Dawg in Austin

    Next year is THE YEAR.

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