You can’t go home again.

One thing about a $15 million buyout is that you can afford to be choosy about your next job.

Will Muschamp has turned down an opportunity to return to Texas as its defensive coordinator, sources told CBS Sports. Arkansas defensive coordinator Barry Odom is among new coach Steve Sarkisian’s top candidates now that Muschamp has passed on the position.

I’m okay with that.  Agent Muschamp needs to go some place that will let him keep doing a solid for his alma mater.



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24 responses to “You can’t go home again.

  1. originaluglydawg

    I don’t blame him. He’s got it made.

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  2. DC Weez

    UT after Jeremy gets fired!

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  3. ben

    What is also funny is seeing some Florida fans pining for him to come and be their defensive coordinator.

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  4. Derek

    Does he think he’ll get another head job OR does he think UT is dysfunctional?

    In line for the “Saban rehabilitation program” after Golding moves on Monday around midnight?


  5. akascuba

    Agent Muschamp needs for our sake to stay in the SEC.

    As long as its not the new DC at Bama. The man can coach defense.
    Saban does like animated DC
    s and what better place to rebuild a reputation than Bama.


  6. mp

    Odom is a good DC. Not sad to see him leave Missouri


  7. ugafidelis

    I don’t particularly want to see it, but any chance he comes to UGA in some role?


    • He’s not particularly popular with all things UGA. But then Georgia fans show their crazy sometimes saying Smart, Bobo, Muschamp. Which then I have to go for a walk. But I dont think Kirby wants someone he has to give all things D over too. Not yet at least.


    • Jack Klompus

      Hope so. We were at our best when we had a few former coaches on staff in a QC capacity.


    • Anon

      Lovett community coach so his son can play QB


  8. Teacher Martin

    You want to tell that to Dell McGee?


  9. MGW

    Maybe he’s holding out for a pro DC position?


  10. godawgs1701

    Screw Barry Odom if he jumps ship on the Pit Boss!

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  11. armydawg

    Muschamp would be certifiably insane to take any coaching job with $15 mil from SC, still getting paid from Auburn & UF. Why put up with the hours and aggravation of coaching? He’d be a great color commentator for Mickey or the SEC network. He has the perfect personality for it.

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  12. Rameses II

    Just as long as that solid work is not AT his alma mater.

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