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Big man stayin’.

In more ways than one, this is huge.

This offseason keeps getting better.


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Molder of young men

I really don’t know what goes through some people’s brains sometimes.

Dude’s been fired, to no one’s surprise.



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Meanwhile, in Knoxville…

shit’s gettin’ über real.

Tennessee officials haven’t extended the contracts of assistant football coaches and have paused hiring coaches for vacancies as the Volunteers continue to investigate whether recruiting violations occurred within the program, sources told ESPN on Thursday.

… While Tennessee officials wait for the investigation to be completed, the athletics department hasn’t renewed or extended the contracts of assistant coaches, some of whom have deals that expire at the end of this month, including running backs coach Tee Martin and inside linebackers coach Brian Niedermeyer.

No wonder Will Friend got his ass out of Dodge on the first train running.

Oh, as an aside,

Last month, ESPN reported that compliance department officials had interviewed current players, recruits, assistant coaches, student volunteers and other athletics department officials involved in football recruiting. The sources said the interviews started in November.

The sources told ESPN that Tennessee’s recruitment of Amarius Mims, the No. 3 offensive tackle and No. 19 player overall in the 2021 ESPN 300, is part of the compliance department’s inquiry. Mims signed with Georgia.

Man, if Georgia turned Pruitt in…


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Envy and jealousy, one sentence edition

I didn’t think anything could make me smile about yesterday’s events at the Capitol…

I needed that.


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Your Daily Gator calls the kettle black.

Sometimes, all you can do is tip your cap to the fan base of a school currently employing Todd Grantham for taking shots at Georgia for considering taking on Boom as an analyst.

Screenshot_2021-01-07 Muschamp to Athens

I’m starting to think these guys are on the verge of surpassing our delusions from the Spurrier era.


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Measured by the company you keep

For all the concern about JT Daniels’ mechanics affecting his deep throws, stats are stats.

Imagine what could be accomplished with a little more rehab and some polish applied to his mechanics.


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Well, if you’re looking for some good election news…

Georgia may have done fans of EA Sports’ NCAA Football a solid.

With Raphael Warnock projected to win one of the two U.S. Senate runoff elections in Georgia and fellow Democrat Jon Ossoff leading in the other, among the myriad possible outcomes of a change in control of the Senate is how the NCAA will fare in its effort to get a Congressional solution to issues surrounding college athletes’ ability to make money from their names, images and likenesses.

Democrats will continue to have a majority in the House of Representatives. And a bill introduced in the last session of Congress by Democratic Sens. Cory Booker (New Jersey) and Richard Blumenthal (Connecticut) would go far beyond bills driven by Republican senators and congressmen that were centered more narrowly around name, image and likeness (NIL).

… Blumenthal recently said his and Booker’s measure will be reintroduced in the new session. While changes could be made, the previous version had provisions that included athletes annually receiving money directly based on the revenue surpluses they help their teams generate. He and Booker also want athletes to have long-term health care and a set of educational protections.

As written for the last session, their bill would mandate not only individual NIL rights, but also athletes’ ability to market themselves as a group. That step, among other impacts, would begin to create a mechanism for athletes to be legally depicted in once-popular video games that were discontinued amid NIL litigation against the NCAA.

And you didn’t think your vote would make a difference.


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An unfortunate choice of words from Mark Bradley:

I know from conversations that Stricklin is high on Mullen…

Kids, that’s why they tell you, don’t do drugs.


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Making moves at Auburn

Well, if I were Bryan Harsin and had never coached a day in my life in the SEC, I would be trying to find a few folks to add to my staff who had.

And according to FootballScoop, that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Sources tell FootballScoop Bryan Harsin is seeking to bring South Carolina offensive coordinator Mike Bobo in for the Auburn offensive coordinator position.

Bobo was retained by new Gamecocks head coach Shane Beamer, and just two days ago had a new 2-year deal worth $1.2 million annually approved by the board of trustees, but sources tell FootballScoop that Auburn is seeking to hire Bobo for the offensive coordinator position on Bryan Harsin’s new staff.

Former Vanderbilt head coach Derek Mason, who rose to acclaim as defensive coordinator at Stanford, is expected to become Bryan Harsin’s defensive coordinator at Auburn University, multiple sources confirmed Wednesday night to FootballScoop. The hiring, pending background checks and final authorizations, is expected to be complete this week.

From my selfish perspective, I’m okay with both of those.  Sure, it’ll be a little weird seeing Bobo in orange and blue, but it’ll mean that South Carolina, which is apparently on a budget, is going to have to scramble to find another coordinator.  (I reserve my right to change my mind if Bobo can actually coax a decent quarterback out of Bo Nix, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.)

As for Mason, he was gonna go somewhere in the conference.  Better Auburn, where he’ll replace a very good DC in what should be little more than a break even proposition, than, say, Florida (I know) or LSU, where he’d be a major upgrade.


UPDATE:  Will Friend, too.


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