The difference between Georgia and Alabama, 2020 edition

If Mac Jones threw this ball, it’s a touchdown.

I’m not saying that to be snarky, or pessimistic.  I’m saying it to show how close things are at this point.

That ball was thrown by someone coming back from two surgeries after a serious injury, who had only seen the field for a month or so after being sidelined for the better part of two years.  With an offseason of rehab and reps with a skilled receiving corps, working with an offensive coordinator who drew up that play that got a wideout behind a pretty decent defense, that’s a gap that can be closed for 2021.



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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Daniels has the innate ability to throw where the ball should be, rather than throw at the receiver. The mental calculus to know the optimal point where ball and receiver come together. Aaron Murray had that.

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  2. MudCat's Mechanic

    I watched that and facepalmed seeing how far Smith got ahead of the defenders then had to essentially stop and catch it so not to overrun it completely. Damn he’s fast. Damn I’m excited to see what a full off-season does for these guys.

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    • RangerRuss

      That kind of speed plus timing and the receiver actually catches the ball? That’s like a man who rents pigs. Hard to stop.

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    • tiredofidsearch

      That’s my (granted small) issue with JT. It wasnt just this one pass or one receiver. On the deep balls it seems they almost always have to slow down/stop to catch the ball (I know, I know… Pickens laying out for that ball).
      Maybe its just that he doesnt have the timing down 100% with receivers yet and an offseason/spring ball will correct that.


  3. kingcmo2000

    Completely agree. There were a few balls in that game that were just a bit off, and if it was Mac Jones or probably even Kyle trask they are touchdowns instead of just long completions. But things are definitely moving in the right direction.

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  4. armydawg

    2021 is going to be a fun year. 2017 was a fun year as well, but it came as a pleasant surprise instead of an expected result. Now with all the pieces in place we are expecting and anticipating that type of year minus the face-plant game. Monken has 2.5 stud QB’s to coach up, scary good receivers, running backs like no one else has, monster tight ends that “are” being used and 4 & 5 star backups for all the above. The man is so excited that he’s running around with a permanent boner. If it happens, G-Day will be a blast. GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to kick ass and take names.

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  5. Dawg in Austin

    Don’t forget, “playing on an injured knee that still requires additional off-season surgery but still got the ball 60 yards in the air to a guy who he barely got any reps with.” Can’t wait until next year.

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  6. I’ve been saying this for a while now. The deep shots we’ve hit with Daniels are nice, no doubt. But they need to be walk-in touchdowns. That’s what the elite QBs do. It’s definitely something Daniels needs to work on between now and September.

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  7. Smith is going to have a really long TD play next year if he stays healthy. I wouldn’t mind that play being in the first possession in Charlotte against the Greater Anderson Cow College.

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  8. Bulldawg Bill

    First things first, guys! We have to get through G-Day weekend without any major suspensions or dismissals.

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  9. dawgman3000

    It’s definitely hard not to be excited about our chances next season. That 2017 team was the best team I’ve seen in my 25 years of following UGA football IMO. I think we all knew that it was huge deal when Chubb, Sony, Carter, and Bellamy announced that they were coming back. I’m getting similar vibes with Daniels, Cook, and Davis retuning.

    I know we’re losing some big time guys in the secondary, but they’re being replaced by some very talented guys. The 2017 secondary was long on experience but a tad short on talent. Next season’s secondary will be long on talent but short on experience. What made 2017 so special was the senior leadership and the injury bug stayed away from Athens.

    If we have a “noise” free off season, and get some pesticide for the injury bug, then I think this team pummels everything on the schedule and in the playoffs.

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  10. Remember the Quincy

    I saw that come across my Facebook feed (sorry, I can’t stomach Twitter), and got irritated. UGA is trying to show off his speed, but instead showed off how bad the throw was. At least the catch was made, but it should have been a touchdown and not even close.

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  11. Terry McCullers

    Arian Smith =Roadrunner

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  12. W Cobb Dawg

    As I said yesterday, I think its a flaw in the offense and not JT’s mechanics. He’s simply holding the ball too long before launching it. At Okie State Monken had the QB launching the ball a split second after receiving the snap.


  13. PTC DAWG

    So Mac Jones hasn’t missed a single deep ball this year? I’ll hang up and listen.


  14. Stephen S. Roberts

    So what you are saying Senator… is that on THAT field, going THAT direction, the pass to The alabama receiver would have been a touchdown on even say… 2nd and 26?? Thanks. 😦


  15. rincondawg

    Practice makes perfect or as a good friend I coached baseball with for many years used to say: Perfect Practice makes Perfect!!


    • rigger92

      Smart practice. Fundamentals, new material, reinforce the things you learned last time, Fundamentals. That’s how we ex musicians did it in the Fine Arts building.


  16. psyopdawg

    “The difference between Georgia and Alabama”…. I know I’m straying slightly down another path of the same rabbit hole….But….The difference is monumental and it starts with Saban. Saban is the master of getting kids to understand the complete task of completing an entire season. “It Just Means More”, came from Saban.

    I’d say the rosters between UGA, Bama, Clemson and OSU are full of about the same level of talent. I might even throw OSU out of that group. The last two have relatively easy paths to the playoff and less chances that having a bad day means they’re gonna lose. Unless I’m just clueless which is altogether possible.


  17. dawgphan34

    They got talent everywhere. They should be hell on wheels and a ton of fun to watch.


  18. 69Dawg

    There is a bright side of throwing short to a wide open receiver, if the DB runs into him when he turns to make the catch it’s PI. He made a living his Freshman year with his WR getting run over by the DB’s. Think about how hard it is to judge the speed of an individual WR/TE and the QB is suppose to know everybody’s speed as much as we substitute. He did a great job given that he never got significant 1st team reps until after UF.