Today, in “Hey, you damned kids! Get offa my lawn!”



I don’t think “new low” means what ol’ Hutson thinks it means.



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  1. Granthams Replacement

    Did Hudson every think social media was in existence for any other reason than “look at me?”

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  2. Ran A

    Hudson has an awfully high opinion of himself and his own thoughts. Quickly growing weary of young Mr. Mason. He would have killed for this opportunity and with social media being what it is today- this was exciting and good news to the Georgia faithful. He’s being a dick.

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    • Right there w/ you on this.

      I bet he’s also lighting anyone up who leaves early for the NFL for anything other than being higher than a 3rd round pick.


  3. munsonlarryfkajim

    Did he say that in response to Kearis? Damn Kearis is one of my favorite players no matter where he might or might not be drafted.

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    • Spell Dawg

      Agree, Kearis always plays full speed with heart. He reminds me a little bit of Mecole. He’ll get his shot at playing on Sundays, I’d bet he makes it.


  4. MudCat's Mechanic

    Oh, noodle arm, hush.

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  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    A leeetle on the snide side there Hudson.

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  6. Hutson Mason was a DGD. Now he just flat sucks. He would have been a preferred walk-on at best under this regime.

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  7. silvercreekdawg

    That’s rich coming from an UDFA…

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  8. CB

    Mason has now fucked around and found out that Georgia Twitter has secretly hated him for years.

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  9. rincondawg

    If you are a UGA fan this is great news!! Some people just don’t know when to keep their mouths shut!!

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  10. didntgotheredawg

    Are you sure that wasn’t Danny Kanell trolling? Way to go biting the hand that feeds you Mr. Mason. Not too bright, and not too self aware.

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  11. NotMyCrossToBear

    Hutson is a fucking hypocrite. If it wasn’t for social media I would have forgotten he even existed. Dumping on Kearis? He can kiss my ass.

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  12. Yes, Mason was a DGD as a player and the above was the consummate get off my lawn sports pundit hot take from someone known for provocative look at me pronouncements on social media and into his radio mic.
    However, his physical shortcomings and on-field mistakes as a QB are irrelevant albeit standard ad hominem tendencies of many social media posters. The most relevant response to “look at me” commentators – whether paid or hobbyists – is to ignore them and deny them the clicks that determine their worth. Resist the clickbait of hot take machines like Mason if you are truly principled. I don’t begrudge Dawg lettermen being critical of the program, current coaches or players as long as it is well reasoned and not mean spirited. What well reasoned takes Mason has from time to time are lost amidst his look at me hot takes … and IMHO the Buck & Hut show is just as unlistenable as the show was when Yankee provocateur Kincade was on.

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  13. Remember the Quincy

    He may be a douche, but he wasn’t lying in this Tweet. Grantham’s Replacement is right about the existence of social media. It’s totally about “look at me.” The Internet wouldn’t exist if people didn’t want to feed their narcissism.

    That said, I’m glad Kearis is coming back…but was he someone we had doubts about returning?


    • I didn’t have doubts about Kearis returning for the same reasons I didn’t have doubts about Webb returning: productive but it’s hard to conceive that they’re sure fire Top 3 rounds draftees and wouldn’t benefit from another year (along with what appears to be a title shot). I don’t get the Webb move, but maybe he’s got family circumstances or something else not apparent to fans.


      • Remember the Quincy

        I agree. It’s easy for us to make judgments from where we sit, but they have their reasons.


      • Webb is a 4th year player. He didn’t take a redshirt (played on special teams in 2017). He only had the option to return due to the NCAA’s response to the pandemic.

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      • CB

        On one hand Webb probably ain’t getting drafted. On the other he’d probably have the same chance of getting drafted after next season. Probably figured might as well give it a go now since he ain’t getting any younger.


    • I think all of these guys who are announcing they are returning have decided to do it together whether they even considered leaving. I have a feeling Kirby has already established “Unfinished Business” as the mantra for the 2021 team.

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    • unionjackgin

      Even if this tweet is about “look at me” … why does Hutson Mason, you, me or anyone else care? If you don’t want to “look at me” then don’t.


  14. W Cobb Dawg

    Isn’t Hudson still in his 20’s? He talks as if he’s in his 70’s. Them was the good ole days before TV came along and ruined everything…

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  15. armydawg

    Hey Mason, do me a favor and find out if Zeus is coming back. That’s a good boy and hold my beer while I take a whiz.


  16. Ozam

    Why all the Hutson hate? I listen to him all the time during lunch. He loves the Dawgs and calls it as he sees it. In 2014, the dude ran the highest scoring offense in UGA history.


  17. RangerRuss



  18. Cobb County MAGA hero weighs in.