Alex, I’ll take “You’re kidding, right?” for $200.

Does Scott Stricklin believe Dan Mullen has actual NFL suitors?

Forget it, Jake(h/t JP McDonough)  It’s Jimmy Sexton.


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17 responses to “Alex, I’ll take “You’re kidding, right?” for $200.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Those articles left out the fact that Crabby Dan has a personality that could turn off Will Rogers. Even Jimmy Sexton can do only so much.

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  2. 12thhole

    From the jump I thought this was more about Dan’s psychological pathology than anything else. He is a baby in constant need for validation because of insecurities. Virtually half of every sentence he speaks during interviews is

    designed to remind the listeners how valuable He has been in the past. The latest “I’m running away to the NFL” stunt was an adolescent attempt to “show them “. Or maybe it was about cash…..but he is still gigantic blue douche bag

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  3. I just hope he doesn’t leave before we eviscerate the world’s greatest coach in 2021. I don’t care if Emery showed promise, the Gators started imploding after the conclusion of the SECCG.

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  4. Ran A

    I thought it was interesting that he has just one less win than Spurrier and 2 or 3 less than Urban. But Urban already had a national title. Just shows you how good the SEC is.

    He has that record and has one the East only once and lost his one SEC title game. Saban just changed the level for all of college football, but especially the SEC. If you can get into the playoffs, you got a real shot at winning it, because you have to be ‘that good’ just to win the SEC.

    As for Mullen. I think we should recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the guy. I do not think it is his coaching that will be his demise; it’s that strange personality wit a touch of the bizarre that will eventually bite him the backside.

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  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Mullen would’ve been better off if he said he was considering scu (before they hired Beamer). Even if all you consider is the access I-20 has to Lake Oconee, its more believable than his prospects for the nfl.

    Or maybe Stricklin just wants him to leave…

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    • siskey

      He’d have been what an hour and a half away. By the way, what exactly is so great about Lake Oconee? I have been several times and there are a lot of beautiful houses and the golf course but for people this rich isn’t there way nicer shit out there?

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  6. theotherdoug

    I’m probably in the minority here, but I don’t blame Dan and Sexton for trying to create a need for a new contract. Mullen just played for the conference championship and can claim he’s creating a new Gator Dynasty. If he can’t get a big contract now, then he never will.


    • californiadawg

      Big contract? Last I checked sideshow Dan is currently overpaid to the tune of $6.1M, which is already a pretty big contract compared to his peers. If I’m Scott Stricklin (and thank fuck I’m not) I say “thanks Dan for a good season. Bummer about that 3 game losing streak at the end there. I hope you enjoy your contractual bonus for making it to the SEC championship. If you want to talk about a modest raise, let me remind just remind you:

      Your nonstop off-field antics were a complete embarrassment for the University
      You incited a brawl amongst your players and another team
      You blamed everyone but yourself for the TA&M loss and said you wanted to pack the swamp during a deadly pandemic a week before you yourself got COVID
      Your strategy of using an elite QB and tight end to mask a lack of run game and a weak defense doesn’t seem to be a recipe for consistent, long-term success in the SEC
      Your recruiting classes aren’t closing the gap with Bama and UGA

      So yes Dan. Good season. But if you’re expecting Saba/Dabo numbers for losing to a trainwreck LSU team and face-planting against Oklahoma, sure go talk to the Jets.”

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  7. akascuba

    Had he not held out his best receiver stubbornly even into the second half of the LSU game and not gotten smoked in his bowl game by OU. He would have a great case to ask for a big raise. Since he did neither one of those and ended up 8-4 losing 3 straight it just shows even Jimmie Sexton can`t sell assholes.

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  8. MGW

    If Dan actually has NFL suitors he should go immediately. I hope he stays cause he sucks at recruiting but that’s exactly the thing; he IS a great offensive mind and he IS a great play caller. None of that matters in the long run if you can’t recruit for shit. His fate is all but sealed at Florida and all he’s got to do is look at McElwain and Muschamp to see what’s next after the Florida boosters get sick of being top ten in the country but never number 1 in conference. They played Bama hard in the SEC but that wasn’t Bama’s best game and Florida was absolutely peaking. 2020 was not a stepping stone, it was the best they can ever hope for with Dan Mullen without a heaping helping of luck.


    • Ran A

      Yup he built everything to point to success in this year. Trask fell out of the sky for him and it changed his trajectory. They have some really good pieces, but very little depth and big questions marks on the o-line. He appears to be good to challenge every three or four years. If that feels like the past – it is – it’s yours. CMR from about 2008 forward.


      • MGW

        Precisely.  We here at Georgia have tons of experience with this. Being built to be capable of beating championship level teams isn’t being built to actually be a championship level team.

        Except Richt’s challenges stood a far better chance than Mullen’s because it’s now an even more top heavy CFB landscape.  That challenge year for a team built like Mullen’s Florida or Richt’s Georgia (until you’re recruiting at a 2021 Clemson/Bama/Ohio/UGA level) is just a chance to knock off objectively more talented and deep teams.  Those teams are MORE superior now, and you have to do it three times instead of two, to say nothing of the regular season during which Florida has to take on us and LSU, both of which are typically on or near a par with whichever juggernauts you’ll later have to deal with in the postseason. 


      • This is a good point I hope recruiters keep making about Dan’s supposed QB guru status: had Franks not gotten injured vs UK in 2019, does he even start Trask?


    • Down Island Way

      Should the FU ad believe that the FU hc is smelling the next level coaching, is the ad already looking/talking to outsiders for the what if moment of interviewing the next FU hc…#FTMF


      • MGW

        Florida has now entered post 2012 Richt territory. Very little hope of doing the right thing as an AD. Status quo isn’t good enough and has a very small chance of ever improving. All other options carry very likely terrible consequences in exchange for a very small chance of improvement. Fans and boosters will remain starkly divided on the issue until Mullen either absolutely, objectively falls flat on his face as a coach for a couple years, or wins a championship. Neither is likely to happen.

        But for Mullen, if the NFL is an option then he knows for a fact he’ll make a ton of money and salvage his coaching career. Even if he fails in the NFL, he’s done pretty good at Florida and can parachute back into at least a second tier CFB job as “former NFL coach/offensive guru Dan Mullen”. Things don’t look good for him if he stays. Fail at Florida and your HC
        career is doomed to the middle tiers of CFB unless you want to be a career OC somewhere.