Nice one-time transfer ‘ya got there. Shame if anything happened to it.

These people are absolutely shameless.

The only way those issues are linked is that the NCAA is using one as leverage for the best deal it can obtain on the other.  Assholes.


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  1. siskey

    Senator, cut em some slack, they have only had 4-5 years on the NIL and they have only allowed the one time transfer in other sports forever. They will get this sorted out soon…

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  2. MGW

    You say it’s simple, which is just ridiculous. It would be too complicated to explain why it isn’t that simple, but trust me, it isn’t that simple. In fact it’s very complicated. So complicated that I can’t even begin to explain why. But trust me, it’s complicated. So complex we can’t do anything about it today. So complex we don’t even know when we’ll be able to begin discussions about how complex it even is. But it’s very complex. This is the kind of complicated “unknown unknown” that the space program used to find solutions to when pursing the missions to the moon. We haven’t even tried to go to the moon in decades, so whose fault is that? Not mine. Thank you. No questions. Shame on you.

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  3. Russ

    That’s an insult to assholes.

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  4. Ozam

    What is more interesting to me is how the Universities hide behind the NCAA. They’ve allowed the NCAA to become the Boogeyman and provide them cover.

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  5. Granthams Replacement

    Lawyers going lawyer.


  6. RangerRuss

    This is the time in an argument when you point skyward, “Is that Elvis?”, and kick ’em in the testicles.
    Unreasonable assholes.

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  7. originaluglydawg

    “Nice line up of one million dollar per thirty second ads for tonights game ya’ got there, Mickey. It’d be a shame if anything happened to it”.
    ESPN with commercial time outs, will drive this game late, late into the night. The players (Mickey’s effective employees) will stand around for hours to play a sixty minute game. Their compensation will be some trinkets.
    Such a deal. Everybody gets fat except the players. They need to figure it out and get their cut. Fair is fair.
    Find a way to compensate these young men before they find a way to force you to.

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    • Didn’t realize anybody was being forced to play tonight.


      • originaluglydawg

        Who said they were? I don’t think they’re forced to play tonight either. So what?


        • Scotty King

          A diploma from either school (or even Auburn) is pretty damn good compensation for the vast majority of players (non-stars). As a Mercer graduate, I have a pretty good idea of the cost/value of a college education.

          Now I’ll duck for cover.


          • Then open it up to the free market. If the degree is worth enough, surely that’s all a college will have to offer to keep people. Right?

            Or is an artificial cartel’s power the only thing keeping player earnings down?


  8. Speaking of transfers, it looks like Stevenson has put his name in the portal.


  9. akascuba

    If it were not for Greg Sankey’s leadership CFB this season probably doesn’t happen. The SEC finding a way to play football along with two others forced the pompous 10 to do as Disney directed and get tOSU eligible for the CFP.

    I’m certainly no Bama fan I am an SEC fan who knows the bigger the myth that Saban becomes the better for us when Kirby slays that beast.

    That said I hope the final score is double the current score.


  10. 4thkirby

    I havent read up on this but is the transfer portal open forever moving forward? Unlimited transfers, etc.?