Whether you love Nick Saban or hate him, you’ve still got to respect a track record like this:




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  1. Illini84

    Getting beat by this team is no disgrace.

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  2. armydawg

    No one outside of Bama knows “the process” better than Kirby, but yet we have not beaten them yet. Why? One part of the process has not been implemented: Discipline! Last night I saw disciplined players at every position operate like a military unit. Why have we not reached this point yet? This is one area that Kirby needs to fix now. Then and only then will we finally achieve our goal. Nick Saban can only be beat by a team as dialed in as they are.


    • Even when you are as dialed in and more disciplined than they are (cough, cough … CFPCG 2018 … cough, cough), you still have to beat the guys in the striped shirts as well. Bama Privilege is real and it’s spectacular.

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    • Anon

      Because Kirby isn’t disciplined. Saban leads like a general on the sideline. Always cool and planning next move. Kirby acts like Gomer Pyle searching for the aliens after the ufo landed.

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    • James A Mercer Jr

      Monkey see, monkey do. Have you seen Kirby’s tirades on the sideline? He seems to be the antonym for discipline. I don’t doubt one iota that he has a genius for defense but he seems to lose all control on the sidelines. You don’t see too many players run to him as they come off the field. Bobby Knight was a basketball genius but his tirades became legend and not good legends. Kirby needs the demeanor of Richt to go with his own brains.


  3. charlottedawg

    While the best UGA team in the last 40 years still couldn’t beat alabama or win a national championship…….that gap ain’t closing

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  4. classiccitycanine

    He’s the goat no doubt about it. I f***ing hate him.

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      Hey, Classic! I can think of others that need hating much worse. He’s really good and he makes it his business to either not let on/not think so. It’s the Corchs and Mullens that just get on my last nerve! Of course there IS the old school hate I have for Clemson!

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      • classiccitycanine

        I agree that there are worse people out there (e.g. Meyer and Mullen). I respect what Saban has accomplished and I find his Process fascinating. The reason I hate him is because he has done more to break my Georgia Bulldog heart than any other coach.


    • Butler Reynolds

      Saban is neither likable nor unlikable. He’s a little bit boring, much like an Alabama football game.


  5. ASEF

    Started off putting on the field some of the best defenses college football has ever seen.

    Rules changed.

    Now he’s putting on the field some of the best offenses college football has ever seen.

    Remarkable. Most guys with a success formula are afraid to change it.

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  6. Scotty King

    Tip of the hat to Nick. Now please retire!

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  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Unfortunately, I’ve come to the conclusion we won’t be surpassing bama until Saban retires. Kirby’s a fine HC. But he’s not a legit challenge to his old boss.

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    • RangerRuss

      Not yet. In time…

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      • 4thkirby

        It’s not going to happen. Kirby has had every opportunity to beat his daddy. He can’t do it. Kirby’s road to the MNC will have to go through an SEC schedule, SEC championship & playoff that doesn’t have Saban in it.

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    • akascuba

      Every former Saban coach is 0-forever against the master. Its not like Kirby is uncapable of doing what others have. Now if we are still 0-Kirby against the GOAT in two years I`ll listen more.

      All dynasty’s end my money is on Kirby to help St. Nick out the door.
      Who else has all the tools to do so? Please don`t say Jimbo or Mullet Head.


  8. Scotty King

    Nick really does a good job of recruiting upper classmen to stick around.

    Does anyone really think the 5 DBs that left UGA will all play in the NFL? Smith, Waddell, and Kyle Pitts will be there.


  9. TripleB

    Saban is the John Wooden of College Football.

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    • classiccitycanine

      In terms of accomplishments? Sure. In terms of being a beloved and deeply admired person? Nah. Saban’s a joyless workaholic who is always pushing the envelope on the rules. The only people who love him are Bama fans.


  10. armydawg

    No matter how many championships and rings Saban wins, there is one thing he will NEVER have: a commemorative Coke bottle issued to celebrate the championship. I still have mine from 1980.

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