Shall we play a game?, redux

Remember our little contest?

And here’s the contest:

Pick the winner and for the tiebreaker, predict the difference in QBR between Fields and Jones. Closest guess wins.

Alabama won the game.  Jones finished with a QBR of 98.0, Fields with 87.2, which made for a difference of 10.8.

And with that, here’s our contest winner.

Screenshot_2021-01-12 Shall we play a game

Congrats, ant.  I’ll send your email to Spur21 and leave it for you two to make the necessary arrangements.



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8 responses to “Shall we play a game?, redux

  1. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    at least i nailed the score but as charlottedawg points out, loser stats are for losers. congrats to ant1123

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    The ratings didn’t look that close from my eye test.

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    • QPR takes rushing into account. And don’t forget the Jones fumble.


      • PTC DAWG

        Yeah, without that the game is way out of hand, as if it wasn’t already. I suppose I’m thinking of another rating system..not one that thinks the QB is a running back..Jones just looks much smoother in the pocket to me, JF just looked confused..


  3. Raleighwood Dawg

    Congrats ant1123 🔥


  4. Greg

    Had to laugh when I heard the story behind Jones nickname last night….. “McEnroe”.

    Thought Stetson looked as good against Bama as Fields….


  5. spur21

    ant1123 you have mail and congratulations – well done.