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Even Montana knows.



The preseason narrative writes itself, doesn’t it?



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Columbia West

Will the last coach to leave South Carolina for Auburn cut the lights off on the way out?

I don’t want to say that happened in the dead of night, but it went down so fast Rocker hasn’t even had time to change his Twitter bio yet.


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Your 1.13.21 Playpen

After what’s been a disturbing week of news for anyone who cares about this country, I (and a couple of readers who sent me suggestions via email) could use a little positivity, and this op-ed from , who in 1961, along with Hamilton Holmes, were the first African-Americans to attend the University of Georgia is something of a salve in that regard.  It’s a good reminder that, while there are significant bumps along the way, we Americans do eventually grow and strive to make things better.

The trick is not to become so discouraged we give up on that.

We have many challenges ahead. There are times when, watching the news, I am brought to tears, not least when I see some of those I still think of as my fellow citizens, nevertheless exhibit awful behavior toward others who don’t look like them — the latest in the despicable behavior at the Capitol.

It is in these moments that I wonder: Why have they not learned from history? Is it because not all of our history is being taught in many schools around the country? And why is there no embrace of respecting differences of opinion?

As we make sense of these questions, history will continue to echo itself. As Georgia elected its first Black senator, Raphael Warnock, I thought back to Henry McNeal Turner, my high school’s namesake, and other Black officials freely elected to office during the brief period of Reconstruction over 150 years ago.

And so as I reflect on the 60th anniversary of my university’s desegregation — as a Black person and a woman, as a wife and mother, as a sister, aunt and citizen — remaining true to my calling as a journalist, I leave you with the question: What can we all do to keep working toward a more perfect union? Go Dogs!

Have at it in the comments.


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JT’s greatest hits

For only four games, there sure is a lot to look back on.

The best thing about that video is that, except for McKitty and (maybe) Robertson, everybody throwing and catching in it will be back for 2021.


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Wheels within wheels

Mark Wiedmer tries to figure out what’s going on in Knoxville with the Steele hire and draws a blank, but the effort is certainly popcorn worthy.

The best part is speculation that it’s leverage to bring Rodney Garner back home, in a manner of speaking.

… Let’s say that Pruitt, in a last gasp to save his job, has convinced Fulmer that the hiring of Steele — and the believed wooing of Rodney Garner to fill the vacant defensive line position — is all he needs to turn things around.

Steele is reportedly signed through the 2022 season for an annual salary of $450,000, so one can’t help but wonder if the athletic director in Fulmer has come to the conclusion that spending $900,000 on Steele and however much more it may take to land Garner is far more fiscally responsible than throwing away millions of dollars to rid the program of Pruitt before a couple of more seasons — Pruitt’s contract is currently set to expire in 2026 — greatly lessen his buyout.

Yet given the way the program appears to be trending, is that smart?

One thing you can say about Vol football is that smart left the building a long time ago.


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Reason #8759 for playoff expansion

The threat is real and it’s verified.  Copy that.

I haven’t figured out the angle yet — would Alabama beating the crap out of some relatively hapless number eight team really move the ratings needle? — but I have no doubt they’ll find one.  ESPN cannot let this aggression stand, man.


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By their dollar signs, ye shall know them.

One thing I can count on about Mark Emmert is that he will always live down to my expectations.

NCAA president Mark Emmert said he “couldn’t disagree more” with a proposal that the association should part ways with the most lucrative sports under its purview in an effort to preserve the education-based model of sports it espouses.

Emmert delivered his annual state-of-the-union style address Tuesday afternoon at the NCAA convention, which is being held virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The 10-minute speech outlined his prescribed approach to some of the most pressing challenges the NCAA faces in what he deemed a “seminal year” for the century-old association. He said that while it would be naïve to ignore the “enormous amount of revenue” generated by sports such as FBS football and basketball, his hope is that the member schools that make up the NCAA will focus on spending that money in a way that prioritizes the needs of college athletes.

Nobody’s ever accused the NCAA of being naïve, that’s for sure.  (Insert “when they say it’s about the money” observation here.)

Doing it for the kids can never fail.  It can only be failed.


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What’s in a name?

Georgia has a commitment from a member of the class of 2023 whose name is… drum roll, please… Seven Cloud.

I don’t know about you, but all I could think of when I heard the news was this:

Welcome, Seven.  I’m looking forward to posting about you in the years to come.


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