By their dollar signs, ye shall know them.

One thing I can count on about Mark Emmert is that he will always live down to my expectations.

NCAA president Mark Emmert said he “couldn’t disagree more” with a proposal that the association should part ways with the most lucrative sports under its purview in an effort to preserve the education-based model of sports it espouses.

Emmert delivered his annual state-of-the-union style address Tuesday afternoon at the NCAA convention, which is being held virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The 10-minute speech outlined his prescribed approach to some of the most pressing challenges the NCAA faces in what he deemed a “seminal year” for the century-old association. He said that while it would be naïve to ignore the “enormous amount of revenue” generated by sports such as FBS football and basketball, his hope is that the member schools that make up the NCAA will focus on spending that money in a way that prioritizes the needs of college athletes.

Nobody’s ever accused the NCAA of being naïve, that’s for sure.  (Insert “when they say it’s about the money” observation here.)

Doing it for the kids can never fail.  It can only be failed.


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3 responses to “By their dollar signs, ye shall know them.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Hey this amateur purity thing is great, but let’s not get carried away here!


  2. They’re just cranky they aren’t getting to meet at some sunny 5 Diamond resort to talk about the children.