Columbia West

Will the last coach to leave South Carolina for Auburn cut the lights off on the way out?

I don’t want to say that happened in the dead of night, but it went down so fast Rocker hasn’t even had time to change his Twitter bio yet.


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  1. AU’s staff is turning out not to be all that bad. But I’d also say not that great. But who knows on their synergy and cooperation and teamwork and all that. I feel like a staff of journeyman coaches has its issues.

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    • Ozam

      Seems like most coaches fall into the journey man category….. Nature of the profession.

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      • I figured that was coming, so, to be more specific, the guys that move constantly under 3 years I’d say. Really AU just needs Grantham to really get it going.

        I am a vet, and in my career field moved way more than most, and some of those guys move more than I did.

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      • Friend, Longest was under Richt (and I hated it):

        2001: West Alabama, Offensive Line
        2002: Tuscaloosa Central HS, Offensive Assistant
        2003-04: Georgia, Graduate Assistant
        2005-06: Gardner-Webb, Offensive Line
        2007-10: UAB, Offensive Line
        2011-13: Georgia, Offensive Line
        2014: Georgia, Running Game Coord./OL
        2015-17: Colorado State, Offensive Coord./OL
        2018-present: Tennessee, Offensive Line


      • Rocker:

        Auburn High School (1992–1993)
        (defensive coordinator)
        West Alabama (1994–1996)
        (Defensive line coach)
        Troy State (1997–2001)
        (Defensive line coach)
        Cincinnati (2002)
        (Defensive line coach)
        Arkansas (2003–2007)
        (Defensive line coach)
        Ole Miss (2008)
        Defensive line coach)
        Auburn (2009–2010)
        (Defensive line coach)
        Tennessee Titans (2011–2013)
        (Defensive line coach)
        Georgia (2014–2016)
        (Defensive line coach and associate head coach)
        Tennessee (2017–2019)
        (Defensive line coach)
        South Carolina (2020)
        (Defensive line coach)
        Auburn (2021-present)
        (Defensive line coach)

        Now thats a man that knows his moving company.

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      • Why not keep it going. Mason, who likes moving every year outside of his HC time at Vandy:

        1994 Mesa CC (WR)
        1995–1996 Weber State (WR)
        1997–1998 Idaho State (RB)
        1999–2001 Bucknell (DB)
        2002 Utah (WR/ST)
        2003 St. Mary’s (AHC/Co-DC)
        2004 New Mexico State (WR)
        2005–2006 Ohio (WR)
        2007–2009 Minnesota Vikings (Asst. DB)
        2010 Stanford (DB)
        2011 Stanford (AHC/Co-DC/DB)
        2012–2013 Stanford (AHC/DC)
        2014–2020 Vanderbilt
        2021–present Auburn (DC)


    • Harold Miller

      Is it too early to start the Bo Nix Heisman hype?

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  2. Don’t think Rocker cares about his Twitter bio

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  3. That whole “we’ll hire Shane because he knows so many great coaches” isn’t working out like a cannon shot quite yet for them, is it?

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  4. Ran A

    What you cannot ignore is the connections to recruiting the state of Georgia. It is pretty clear, that they have identified just how critical it is to recruit this state. Something that Kirby has taken a nice bite out of the last few years. Gus was clearly losing more and more battles to Kirby and Company, if Kirby truly wanted the kid. They were becoming more reliant on the state of Florida than they would like. We’ll see what that looks like in a couple of years.

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    • Granthams Replacement

      If Auburn doesn’t get kids from Georgia they don’t win much. Rocker isn’t at UGA because recruiting. Auburn has assembled some pretty good coaches and recruiters. They should continue the 8-4 trend.

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  5. Greg

    Full circle…..he certainly doesn’t hold a job long.


  6. barneydawg

    So can we say that Auburn aspires to be USCjr West?


  7. Russ

    I’ll reserve comment on Auburn but it seems like Harsin is putting together a pretty good staff. Sackerlina, on the other hand, well….

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    The Bagman cometh.


  9. Leggo5

    Rodney Garner???


  10. armydawg

    I think Garner has more issues than recruiting. Kirby wouldn’t can a good coach just because he was a little weak in recruiting. I’m thinking there’s more baggage than we know.


  11. 86bone

    Don’t think that Bobo and company won’t be a thorn in our side concerning recruiting…this crowd heading to Auburn will turn their ship very fast!

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    • siskey

      I just can’t see this retread group doing much versus Kirby in recruiting. Rocker may get a D lineman or two but both he, Bobo and Friend together haven’t signed as many great Georgia kids as Kirby did at Bama or here.
      Auburn has to break even against us on Georgia kids and I don’t see this group getting it done. I worried that they would really be aggressive and give Dell a shot as OC or even HC. That would have hurt us 10x more than getting our remnants from the UGA glory days of 2014-2016.

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      • Down Island Way

        Appears as though the current mind set with crootin’, is to have a few years of WINNING records, recruiting then takes on 3-5 years for depth to be established, staffs are always gonna’ steal one or two here and there, for the most part top 5*s wanna’ get developed and win a trophy (bling) every now and again…smart/good ones will look down the road after football….


    • sniffer

      So, all these new coaches will have to go into homes and say something along the lines of, “hehe, yeah, when I said all that good stuff about USC/TENN, I really meant Auburn, hehe. Auburn is where your baby should play ball because it’s where I am now! Sign right here and where would you like for Guido to leave the bag?”

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  12. Scotty King

    One of the worst Falcons draft choices ever – and that’s saying something


  13. Scotty King

    Friend was a weak recruiter.

    Do we have a shot at (or want/need) Big Kat Bryant?

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  14. W Cobb Dawg

    It’s like The Island of Misfit SEC Assistants. Go there to pick up cast-off coaches to fill your staff. Got it.

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  15. stoopnagle

    You know things are looking Rose-y in Athens when South Carolina’s staff all of a sudden becomes Auburn’s staff. Or… maybe not. Outside of Bama and LSU, South Carolina has been the only team to give us fits the last 10 years. So, I guess Auburn is upgrading!

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  16. classiccitycanine

    I’m not thrilled about Auburn putting together a competent staff, but I am loving the fact that they’re doing it by cannibalizing South Carolina’s brand new staff during the critical final days of recruiting.

    I’m not quaking in my boots about their staff, but it was wishful thinking on my part to think Auburn would implode. We’re just going to have to beat them by being great rather than letting them beat themselves. On the other hand, South Carolina looks like a good candidate for implosion, and that would be a beautiful thing to see.

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  17. By the way, Zeus has announced he has #UnfinishedBusiness.

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  18. practicaldawg

    Don’t worry. USCjr’s fans have already convinced themselves that the new staff is finally the “out of conference” shakeup they’ve needed. They’ve been doing it wrong this whole time by hiring SEC guys.

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  19. MudCat's Mechanic

    Sakerlina is going to be battling Vandy for the bottom of the division.


  20. 69Dawg

    I can’t remember a time when one SEC school hired almost all of the staff of another SEC school. Sure you can get one or two but this is mind blowing. Poor old Beamer is so screwed.

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  21. David Chadwick

    That better work for AU because if it doesn’t the coach staff, AD and school president are going to be looking for jobs. Lowder and Rayne may not be friends, but I would not want them as my enemies.

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  22. wtm121

    Nick Fairley can go fuck himself.