Reason #8759 for playoff expansion

The threat is real and it’s verified.  Copy that.

I haven’t figured out the angle yet — would Alabama beating the crap out of some relatively hapless number eight team really move the ratings needle? — but I have no doubt they’ll find one.  ESPN cannot let this aggression stand, man.


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49 responses to “Reason #8759 for playoff expansion

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the network makes a profit at one tenth that number of viewers, ergo yes, the threat is real and verified.


  2. J.R. Clark

    Alabama fatigue.

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  3. munsonlarryfkajim

    I’d like them to stay at 4. But could you imagine the hype preceding a 1 Alabama hosting an 8 Georgia, the only team to lead Alabama at the half and now with a better functioning offense? I think they’d win a rematch but you know the talking heads would have pumped it uo


  4. 79dawg

    The issue is not with the ratings of the championship per se – the issue is that expansion creates four new quarterfinal games that would all get decent ratings (let’s say 10MM people watching), so that equals 40MM eyeballs. If ESPN has less than 40MM eyeballs watching whatever is in those time slots now, its game on baby, and ESPN “wins,” even if the ratings for the championship game don’t change…

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  5. J.R. Clark

    It’s a steady decline…look at the numbers over time:
    2021 – 18.65M
    2020 – 25.59M
    2019 – 25.28M
    2018 – 28.44M
    2017 – 25.27M
    2016 – 26.18M
    2015 – 34.15M


  6. Until Mickey comes up with the cash to convince the Power 5 commissioners to expand, this thing is staying at 4. Given how Mickey has to be hemorrhaging cash in its travel businesses (Disneyland isn’t open and probably won’t open for at least another 3 months and a Disney cruise ship hasn’t sailed with a paying passenger since March), I just don’t see how they can throw that kind of money around.

    Adding a round of games does nothing to add to the allure of the championship game. Surprise, surprise, Mickey is finding out that college football actually is a regional sport that has its passionate fans in the South and parts of the Midwest.

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  7. back9k9

    A 4 hour game starting at 8:15 on a Monday night ain’t doing Mickey any favors either. It seems that they’ve modeled the Monday night thing after NCAA hoops but a basketball game lasts about 2 hours and change.
    I’m a huge college football fan and I fell asleep by the start of the 4th quarter.

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    • Ran A

      My kids are out of the house; but that’s exactly right. Tuesday is a school day. I’m sure there were some pretty tired kidos in Alabama. Guessing in Ohio it wasn’t as bed. Many were likely in bed by half time. 🙂

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    • The Monday night thing is idiotic. I even think it’s stupid for CBB, but in that case, it’s understandable with the semifinals on Saturday (one of the best days in sports).

      I’m assuming Mickey wants it on Monday night instead of competing for air time with the NFL playoffs.

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    • rigger92

      Yep, Monday night is a huge part of the problem. Make it Saturday at 3:30.

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    • Tony BarnFart

      Why can’t CFB push the NBA aside and have the semi-finals on Christmas Day with the championship on new years day ? Particularly if we’re in a world of compensating players and I’d add some travel perks for the families. Not a bad way to spend christmas if you do it right.


    • tiredofidsearch

      I got bored with it and watched Hogans Heros instead…..


  8. Ran A

    Lot of people out there that are just worn out from Bama dominance. Another group that cannot stand Ohio State. Sick of Clemson and the Notre Dame crowd couldn’t bare to watch someone else win another Natty (especially those two teams). Pretty easy to see why the ratings were down.

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  9. Smoky Joe Would

    Well having it on a Monday night makes no sense. Then having the 2 teams that almost everyone hates, especially the 2 fan bases. Also knowing that Bama would probably smoke them didn’t make it must see TV. Have the damn thing on Saturday, when God intended college football to be watched. I understand it was the first round of the 96 team NFL playoff, but jeez!!!

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  10. Saban gonna have to beat everybody’s asses without the refs from now on. Mark it down. The SEC helped him break the Bear’s record, but now that deed is done. Bama fatigue is costing them TV ratings. He didn’t need help this year, but we have all witnessed the blatant cheating to help them in the past decade.


  11. That surprises me, I assumed that Ohio St might have a shot at beating Bama after they played so well vs Clempson, and that this game would’ve been interesting to watch.

    Covid fatigue, maybe? Political fatigue? No fans in stands all season to speak of, just not as many people with college football on their minds.


  12. PTC DAWG

    Having it only on ESPN doesn’t help ratings…basically you have to pay to see it..

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    • W

      True. The super bowl / entire nfl postseason stays off cable.


    • siskey

      I agree they should have it on Saturday on ABC. If that doesn’t boost the ratings then look to change it to 8 even though it will still be the same teams contending for the increased spots.
      If they go to 8 they should have the first round on campus. That would be an incredible atmosphere for all the teams save the PAC 12 champ unless that champ was Oregon.
      What, if any decrease in the ratings tracks with the overall decrease in tv ratings even over this short amount of time. The numbers they get for the top tv shows today align with the numbers for the number 3 show on the 4th place network 20 years ago, so ratings may not be an accurate measurement regarding viewer fatigue.


      • PTC DAWG

        Agree, with all the streaming services, it’s hard to compare TV ratings today from even 10 years ago.


      • 79dawg

        If it is on broadcast, sure maybe ESPN can sell $100MM more in commercials because more people see it on over-the-air. BUT, if ESPN tells the cable companies, the “MNC game is on cable now, that makes us worth 10 cents more per month per subscriber”, at 80MM subscribers, that’s $20MM more revenue by putting it on cable, even if the ratings are lower on cable vs. broadcast.


  13. Derek

    When its dead then and only then will they consider whether they’ve killed it.

    I know one thing. A lot of interest was lost simply because some asshat line judge from the big ten was stupid and blind.

    People don’t like reruns…..

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  14. godawgs1701

    Don’t play it on Monday night, idiots. Don’t wait 9 days to play it after the semis. Don’t let CFB disappear from the air waves or from SportsCenter for an entire week before the game. I almost forgot the game was being played the day before it was being played. Also, don’t play it on Monday night, idiots.

    Not to repeat myself, but DO NOT PLAY IT ON MONDAY NIGHT, IDIOTS.

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  15. Hogbody Spradlin

    They need to bring back Keith Jackson and Frank Broyles.


    Oh, never mind.


  16. Disney runs The Bachelor on broadcast TV (4.5M viewers) against CFB on cable and wonders where the female audiencen went, or….they are more than satisfied with the combined ratings vs. the competition.

    Monday night on ESPN sucks.

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  17. Bay Area Dawg

    I am one of the biggest college football fans you’ll ever meet and after I realized OSU could do nothing to stop Bama (after Bama trotted down on their first two drives) I turned my attention to getting ahead in work for the week.


  18. Tony BarnFart

    Annnnnd……for your first reply to Mandel’s tweet:

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    • godawgs1701

      That dude’s gonna have to explain to me how having a highly-viewed first round of four playoff games is somehow going to improve viewership for the final game, which would still have been Alabama vs. Ohio State. Expand all you want, teams 4-25 in the final rankings weren’t worthy of being there and they would not have reached the championship game if they ran into Alabama, Clemson, or Ohio State along the way.


    • Sure, now you can have about 6 of the same handful of teams! lol.


  19. originaluglydawg

    Same teams and matchup fatigue,
    Monday night is a school/work night.
    8 is too late to start unless you can limit time consuming ads (LMAO)
    (this year only) Disinterest in Covid altered season.
    Mostly the ridiculous money grabbing ads. Zillions of ads.
    I hate ESPN. They act like they own college football (I guess they actually do).

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  20. Hobnail_Boot

    If Bama won? Yawn.
    If tosu won? They shouldn’t have even been in the final four.

    There was no reason to watch.


  21. Maybe I somehow missed it, but why is everyone missing the biggest 2 reasons ratings sucked?

    1) Due to Covid, this season was kindof a general shitshow anyway that didn’t quite feel 100% real/legit.

    2) The friggin country is practically on fire right now. We had armed invaders in our capitol for the first time since the War of 1812. It is really tough to get excited for or interested in something as frivolous as a college football game given that situation.

    In the face of those 2 reasons, anything related to Alabama fatigue or expansion is meaningless.


    • Got Cowdog

      FWIW Muck,
      I agree with 1) completely.
      2) CFB for we fans is/should be entertainment. It’s a few hours to enjoy something that we love that allows us escape all the shit we have to deal with daily.
      As for Alabama fatigue? You want to be the man, you got to beat the man. I’m more fatigued by having Clemson and Notre Dame playoff bed shits perpetually forced on us.